How to Create Power Point Slide in Libre Offine in MS Office

How to Create Power Point Slide in Libre Offine in MS Office

Creating a Presentation

New Presentation

You can create a new presentation from a blank slide, a template, existing presentations or a Word outline. To create a new presentation from a blank slide, the following steps need to be performed:

  • Click on the Microsoft Office Button
  • Click on New
  • Click on Blank Presentation

This Slide you have create now every students in your Computer.

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After going thought this unit, you will be able to:

  • Describe the significant features of PowerPoint
  • Differentiate the significant features of PowerPoint  and its earlier versions
  • Define Ribbon
  • Work with various commands to create specific presentations
  • Insert Clip Art, Smart Art, Shapes, Charts, etc.
  • View slides using various view options
  • Navigate through slides
  • Create and insert tables in the presentation
  • Use the Quick Access toolbar
  • Use themes, copy, cut and paste option
  • Enter text in a text box and change the font typeface and size 
  • Spell check the text as entered in the slides
  • Align paragraphs and change the text direction
  • format text, add video and audio clips
  • Create presentation in different formats
  • Save a presentation
  • Add new slide
  • Animation objects
  • Define and run slide shows
  • Print the Presentations


  1. What are the advanced features of PowerPoint in comparison to the earlier versions?
  2. Describe the role and features of the Microsoft Office button.
  3. What is Ribbon? List and describe the functions that can be accessed using Ribbon in brief.
  4. Discuss the features of the Insert option.
  5. What are the various view options? Explain each with the help of screen shots.
  6. What is navigation through slides?
  7. How are tables created and inserted in a PowerPoint presentation?
  8. What is the importance of Quick Access toolbar? Can it be customized? How?
  9. Write the steps to insert a theme in your presentation.
  10. Write the steps to copy, cut and paste text in your presentation.
  11. Discuss the importance of the spell check option.
  12. What are the various paragraph alignment options?
  13. How are video or movie clip and audio clip added to a presentation?
  14. What are the various ways of creating a presentation? Explain with the help of an example of each type.
  15. Write the steps to save a presentation using the Save and Save As commands.
  16. How can we add slides to the presentation?
  17. Describe the features and uses of the animation option.
  18. Write the steps to set and run a slide show.
  19. Write the steps to print a presentation.
  20. List and describe the tips to be kept in mind for design and presentation.

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