CCC Online Mock Test NIELIT CCC MCQ Question

CCC Online Mock Test NIELIT CCC MCQ Question



Introduction to Internet, www and Web Browsers

  • Internet, www and Web Browsers Basics: Introduction, Objectives.
  • Basics of Computer Networks: Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • Internet : Concept of Internet, Basics of Internet Architecture.
  • Services on InternetWorld Wide Web and Websites, Communication on Internet, Internet Services.
  • Preparing Computer for Internet Access:ISPs and examples (Broadband/Dialup/Wi-Fi), Internet Access Techniques.
  • Web Browsing SoftwarePopular Web Browsing Software, Configuring Web Browser.
  • Search Engines:Popular Search Engines / Search for content, Accessing Web Browser, Using Favorites Folder, Downloading Web Pages, Printing Web Pages, Summary, Model Questions and Answers.

Communication and Collaboration

  • Basics of Communication and Collaboration: Introduction, Objectives.
  • Basics of E-mail: What is an Electronic Mail, Email Addressing, Configuring Email Client.
  • Using E-mailsOpening E-mail client, Mailbox: Inbox and Outbox, Creating and Sending a new E-mail, Replying to an E-mail message, Forwarding an E-mail message, Sorting and Searching emails.
  • Advance email featuresSending document by E-mail, Activating Spell checking, Using Address book, Sending Softcopy as attachment, Handling SPAM.
  • Instant Messaging and Collaboration: Using Smiley, Internet etiquettes, Summary, Model Questions and Answers.

Application of Presentation LibreOffice Impress

  • Basics of Application of Presentation: Introduction, Objectives, Using PowerPoint, Opening a PowerPoint Presentation, Saving A Presentation.
  • Creation of Presentation:Creating a Presentation Using a Template, Creating a Blank Presentation, Entering and Editing Text, Inserting And Deleting Slides in a Presentation.
  • Preparation of Slides:Inserting Word Table or An Excel Worksheet, Adding Clip Art Pictures, Inserting Other Objects, Resizing and Scaling an Object.
  • Providing AestheticsEnhancing Text Presentation, Working with Color and Line Style, Adding Movie and Sound, Adding Headers and Footers.
  • Presentation of Slides:Viewing A Presentation, Choosing a Set Up for Presentation, Printing Slides And Handouts.

Slide Show : Running a Slide Show, Transition and Slide Timings, Automating a Slide Show, Summary, Model Questions and Answers.

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