General Science for GK MCQ 17

General Science for GK MCQ 17

Q.1.India has agreed to put cement import from Pakistan on fast track even as both nations decided to take a host of steps to multiply the bilateral trade to $ 10 billion by:
A) 2008
B) 2010
C) 2012
D) 2014

Q.2.Which of the following is the export import Bank of India ?
A) Axis Bank
B) Exim Bank
C) IDBI Bank

Q.3.In August, 1996 at Kolar (near Bangalore). India made successful test flights of Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) named
A) Arjun
B) Nishant
C) Vijayanta
D) Lakshya

Q.4.The world’s longest sandstone cave named ‘Krem Puri’ has been discovered in
A) Gujarat
B) Himachala Pradesh
C) Manipur
D) Meghalaya

Q.5.This film on the Golden Peacock award for the Best Film at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI-2017).
A) 120 Beats Per Minute
B) On Body and Soul
C) Loveless
D) The Square

Q.6.Kiran Bedi received Magsaysay Award for government service in
A) 1992
B) 1993
C) 1994
D) 1995

Q.7.Which is the first Indian state to get tribal instructors for literacy?
A) Kerala
B) Tamilnadu
C) Pondicherry
D) Telangana

Q.8.Aam Aadmi BimaJojna will provided social security to:
A) All labours in rural areas
B) All landless labours living below poverty line in rural areas
C) All labours in urban areas
D) All labours in both rural as well as urban areas

Q.9.Whose memories are titled ‘Smriti ki Rekhayen’?
A) Mahadevi Varma
B) Amrita Pritam
C) Meera
D) Subhadra Kumari Chauhan

Q.10.Who is selected as the 14th President of India?
A) Ram Nath Kovind
B) Suresh Kumar
C) Rajesh kumar
D) Meira kumar

Q.11.India’s tallest stone statue of the Jain sage Gomateswara is at
A) Mysore, Karnakata
B) New Delhi
C) Sravanabelagola, Karnataka
D) Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

Q.12.Who built Purana Qila in Delhi?
A) Humayun
B) Muhammed Ghazni
C) Shershah Suri
D) Ghiassuddin Tughlaq

Q.13.ASEAN’s goal is to create an East Asia free zone encompassing some 3 billion people and economies with a total GDP of more than $…..trillion.
A) 2
B) 4
C) 5
D) 8

Q.14.Who was the first Law Minister of India?
A) Ashok Kumar Sen
B) B. R. Ambedkar
C) shanti Bhushan
D) Arun Jaitley

Q.15.Which of the following country won the FIFA world cup 2014?
A) Brazil
B) Argentina
C) Germany
D) Portugal

Q.16.Maharashtra government ties up with_____to promote Marathi.
A) Facebook
B) Wikipedia
C) YouTube
D) Twitter

Q.17.Who approves 20 lakh houses for urban poor approved under PM Awas Yojna recently?
A) Shri Venkaiah Naidu
B) Shri Arun Jaitley
C) Shri Naveen Patnaik
D) Shri Suresh Menon

Q.18.What is the theme of 7th edition of the Youth Festival 2018 in New Delhi?
A) Let Help Nation
B) Let Unite for Nation
C) Let Save Trees
D) Let Love Live

Q.19.How many Lok Sabha seats belong to Rajasthan?
A) 32
B) 25
C) 30
D) 17

Q.20.India’s Integrated Missiles Development Programme was started in____under the chairmanship of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
A) 1979-80
B) 1980-81
C) 1981-82
D) 1982-83

Q.21.Ludhiana is situated on____river.
A) Gomti
B) Yamuna
C) Satluj
D) Godavari

Q.22.The number of non-permanent members of UN Security Council is
A) 8
B) 10
C) 12
D) 14

Q.23.The three-day pacific Asia Travel Association in (PATA) Travel Mort 2008 was organized from September 17 to 19, 2008.
A) Beijing
B) Hanggou
C) Hyderbad
D) Seoul

Q.24.Who has been elected as new Prime Minister of Israel?
A) Gipi Livani
B) Shanl Mofja
C) Ahud Almorte 
D) Jeon Mathew

Q.25.About 25 lakh school students belonging to minority communities will soon get government scholarship. The planning commission has approved Rs….. crore scholarships for the 11th Five Year Plan.
A) 1800
B) 1200
C) 1900
D) 1300

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