General Science for GK MCQ 5

General Science for GK MCQ 5

Q.1.Which of the following is not main organ of United Nations?
A) International Court of Justice
B) Economic and Social Council
C) Secretariat
D) International Monetary fund

Q.2.Who is the author of “For Love of Politics”?
A) Bill Clinton
B) Hilary Clinton
C) Sall Bedell Smith
D) Monica Lewinsky

Q.3.At which place Buddha made his first sermon?
A) Kushinagara
B) Saranath
C) Bodha Gaya
D) Sattaparni

Q.4.Who is the author of the book on India’s Politics, A View from the back bench’?
A) YV Reddy
B) Arun Shourie
C) Bimal Jalan
D) Ram Chandra Guha

Q.5.With which country, the Union Cabinet approves MoU in the field of Health & Medical Science?
A) Norway
В) Kenya
C) Jordan
D) Philippines

Q.6.How many times has Brazil won the World Cup Football Championship?
A) Four times
B) Twice
C) Five times
D) Once

Q.7.MISA stands for
A) Maintenance of Internal Security Act
B) Multinational Internal Society Authority
C) Movement for Indian System Act
D) None of the above

Q.8.Mount Everest was captured by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in the year
A) 1951
B) 1952
C) 1953
D) 1954

Q.9.This film on the Golden Peacock award for the Best Film at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI-2017).
A) 120 Beats Per Minute
B) On Body and Soul
C) Loveless
D) The Square

Q.10.Which country informed the UN Secretary-General its withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC)?
A) Bahrain
B) Kuwait
C) Philippines
D) Oman

Q.11.This country Successfully Test-Fires Dhanush Missile recently.
A) India
B) Pakistan
C) Sri Lanka
D) Denmark

Q.12.In which of the following pairs, the two substances forming the pair are chemically most dissimilar?
A) Sugar and paper
B) Butter and paraffin wax
C) Chalk and marble
D) Charcoal and diamond

Q.13.India’s first atomic reactor was
A) Zerlina
B) Dhruva
C) Apsara
D) Kamini

Q.14.Which Airport has been rated as the world’s best airport for the sixth consecutive year by UK-based consultancy firm Skytrax?
A) Changi Airport, Singapore
B) Haneda Airport, Japan
C) Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru
D) Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Q.15.What is the name of Mahavira’s mother?
A) Yasodha
B) Yasodhara
C) Jameli
D) Trissala

Q.16.The 2018 cultural festival ‘India by the Nile’ will be held in
A) Nigeria
B) South Sudan
C) Egypt
D) Tunisia

Q.17.Which train bags the Tourist Train of the Year award recently?
A) Maharaja Express
B) Fairy Queen
C) Golden Chariot
D) Palace on Wheels

Q.18.The Head office of International Labor organization is situated at
A) Paris
B) Geneva
C) New York
D) The Hague

Q.19.How much districts are there in Punjab?
A) 13
B) 17
C) 22
D) 15

Q.20.The ratio of width of our National Flag to its length is:
A) 3.5
B) 2:3
C) 2:4
D) 3:4

Q.21.At which place was “54th National Film Awards for 2006 held?
A) Kolkata
B) New Delhi
C) Mumbai
D) Chennai

Q.22.Which of the following departments will help the Govt. to collect the accurate data related to inflation?
A) Commerce and Industrial Ministry
B) Educational Department
C) Postal Department
D) Department of House Ministry

Q.23.Thomas Bata who passed away recently was related to which of the following field?
A) Business
B) Media
C) Sport
D) Film

Q.24.What is calligraphy?
A) Beautiful hand writing
B) Sculpture
C) Engraving of inscriptions
D) Advanced style of painting

Q.25.Who has been appointed as the Chief Minister of Jharkhand?
A) Shibu Soren
B) Sudhir Mahto
C) Bhanu Pratap Sahi
D) Kamlesh Singh

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