General Science for GK MCQ 6

General Science for GK MCQ 6

Q.1.Which Kushan king presided over the 4th Buddhist Council?
A) Ashoka
B) Chandragupta Maurya
C) Huvishka
D) Kanishka

Q.2.Who was the main male God worshipped by Indus people?
A) Indra
B) Vishnu
C) Brahma
D) Lord Shiva

Q.3.This Indian film bags Grand Prix de Montreal’ award at the 21st Festival International du Film Pour Enfants de Montreal Film (FIFEM).
A) Golmaal Again
B) Tiger Zinda Hai
C) Newton
D) Halkaa

Q.4.Who introduced the National Highway concept?
A) Chatrapathi Shivaji
B) Ramanuja
C) Harihara
D) Shershah Suri

Q.5.The Nanavati Commission submitted the first part of its report on September 18, 2008. What was the term of reference of this commission?
A) Godwea incident
B) Mumbai bomb blast in 2007
C) Stam paper scan
D) Cash and question issue

Q.6.In August, 1996 at Kolar (near Bangalore), India made successful test flights of Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) named
A) Arjun
B) Nishant
C) Vijayanta
D) Lakshya

Q.7.How many teeth does a normal adult dog have?
A) 32
B) 34
C) 38
D) 42

Q.8.Liquids transmit pressure equally in all directions. This is known as
A) Boyle-Pascal’s Law
B) Pascal’s Law
C) Archimedes’ Principle
D) None of the above

Q.9.Which type of crops are to be examined by the Union Government?
A) Horticulture
B) Plant propagation
C) Vertical Farming
D) Genetically Modified

Q.10.Festival of India being organized in_____from 31 August to 9 September 2017
A) Italy
B) London
C) Brazil
D) New York

Q.11.The term “FTZ stands for
A) Fast track zone
B) Free trade zone
C) Foreign trading zone
D) Fast trade zone

Q.12.The unit of sound is
A) Hertz
B) Decibel
C) Ohm
D) Pascal

Q.13.In which world cup cricket final, Australia beat England?
A) 1983, Lord’s – England
B) 1987, Kolkata – India
C) 1992, Melbourne – Australia
D) 1996, Lahore – Pakistan

Q.14.Which of the following is largest producer of Bauxite?
A) Australia
B) Brazil
C) India
D) Russia

Q.15.In cricket, a run taken when the ball passes the batsman without touching his bat or body is called
A) leg bye
B) Bye
C) Bosie
D) Drive

Q.16.Mahakavi Kalidas
A) Was one of the greatest Sanskrit poet and dramatist
B) Lived during the region of Chandragupta Vikaramaditya
C) Famous works include Shakutala, Raghuvansha, Meghdoot and Kumara Sambahava
D) All of the above

Q.17.Which of the following is not an official language of United Nations?
A) Arabic
B) Portuguese
C) French
D) Spanish

Q.18.Which animal is engraved on Harappan seals?
A) Lion
B) Unicorn
C) Tiger
D) Cow

Q.19.Agri science Centre of this state gets award for integrated farming model recently.
A) Chhattisgarh
B) Punjab
C) Gujarat
D) Maharashtra

Q.20.The Headquarter of IAEA is situated in
A) New York
B) Vinna
C) Paris
D) Geneva

Q.21.RE power system AG, the … Wind turbine builder controlled by Suzion Energy Ltd has won an order. For 25 turbines for a wind park in US, Scheduled for completion by 2008.
A) German
B) British
C) Italian
D) Chinese

Q.22.With which sport is the Jules Rimet trophy associated?
A) Basketball
B) Football
C) Hockey
D) Golf

Q.23.Which Indian lake becomes the largest habitat of Irrawaddy dolphins in the world?
A) Bhojtal, Madhya Pradesh
B) Pulicat, Tamil Nadu
C) Wular, Jammu and Kashmir
D) Chilika, Odisha
Q.24.Asian Development Bank has projected Asia’s growth rate for 2008 at?
A) 7.3% (7.5)
B) 8.3%
C) 9.3%
D) 10.3%

Q.25.At which place was “54th National Film Awards’ for 2006 held?
A) Kolkata
B) New Delhi
C) Mumbai
D) Chennai

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