General Science for GK MCQ 8

General Science for GK MCQ 8

Q.1.Who among the following was the founder of Bijapur state?
A) Yusuf Adil Shah
B) Murad II
C) Mehmood II
D) Ibrahim Zubayri

Q.2.India’s first ocean wave’s energy project was launched in
A) 1981
B) 1991
C) 1995
D) 2000

Q.3.The Union Government approves Plastic Park to be set up in____.
A) Manipur
B) Andhra Pradesh
C) Jharkhand
D) Kerala

Q.4.This state has issued notification to attach Super Straw Management System while using the combine harvester machines for harvesting the paddy (rice) crop.
A) Tamilnadu
B) Gujarat
C) Kerala
D) Punjab

Q.5.In 1945, fifty nations met to phrase the basic charter for a world organization which would “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war”. This conference took place at
A) Dumbarton Oaks
B) London
C) San Francisco
D) Yalta

Q.6.A Gold Ring which is 50% pure. Its purity can be alternatively shown as_____:
A) 18 Carat
B) 18 Karat
C) 12 Carat
D) 12 Karat

Q.7.Which of the following is used in pencils?
A) Graphite
B) Silicon
C) Charcoal
D) Phosphorous

Q.8.Monazite is an ore of
A) Titanium
B) Zirconium
C) Iron
D) Thorium

Q.9.Which metal pollute the air of a big city?
A) Copper
B) Chromium
C) Lead
D) Cadmium

Q.10.What is laughing gas?
A) Nitrous Oxide
B) Carbon monoxide
C) Sulphur dioxide
D) Hydrogen peroxide

Q.11.Joule is the unit of
A) Temperature
B) Pressure
C) Energy
D) Heat

Q.12.Hybridization is
A) Downward movement of water through soil
B) A process of tilling the land
C) Decayed vegetable matter
D) Cross-fertilization between two varieties

Q.13.Modvat is
A) Modified value added
B) A term used in excise which is a new scheme of indirect taxes
C) Scheme which allows a manufacturer to claim instant reimbursement of the excise duty paid on the raw materials used for the production of the final good
D) All of the above

Q.14.The number of non-permanent members of UN Security Council is
A) 8
B) 10
C) 12
D) 14

Q.15.Jaspal Rana is associated with which of the following games?
A) Swimming
B) Archery
C) Shooting
D) Weightlifting

Q.16.Which country launched a challenge at the World Trade Organization (WTO) against China over intellectual property breaches?
A) North Korea
C) Turkey
D) Iraq
Q.17.What is the rank of India in terms of education Development Index for 2008?
A) 105
B) 104
C) 85
D) 98

Q.18.Which film wins Best of India Short Film Festival in Los Angeles, US?
A) Anukul
B) Shunyata
C) Kriti
D) Taanday

Q.19.Railway Ministry approved to install sanitary pad dispensers for 200 stations on
A) Mar 10th
B) Mar 5th
C) Mar 2nd
D) Mar 8th

Q.20.How much districts are there in Punjab?
A) 13
B) 17
C) 22
D) 15

Q.21.In which year, terrorists crash two planes into New York’s World Trade Centre on September 11 in a sequence of destruction?
A) 2000
B) 2001
C) 2002
D) 2003

Q.22.Who codified the Hindu and Muslim laws?
A) Lord Cornwallis
B) Lord Wellesley
C) Warren Hastings
D) Lord Dalhousie

Q.23.The ratio of width of our National Flag to its length is:
A) 3.5
B) 2:3
C) 2:4
D) 3:4

Q.24.At which place Buddha made his first sermon?
A) Kushinagara
B) Saranath
C) Bodha Gaya
D) Sattaparni

Q.25.Gulf Oil Corporation, a Hinduja group Company has received an approval from Karnataka Udyog Mitra to build an LT Park on its ….. acre plot Yelahanka.
A) 20
B) 25
C) 30
D) 40

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