General Science for GK MCQ

General Science for GK MCQ

Q.1.India participated in Olympics Hockey in
A) 1918
B) 1928
C) 1938
D) 1948

Q.2.Who is selected as the 14th President of India?
A) Ram Nath Kovind
B) Suresh Kumar
C) Rajesh kumar
D) Meira kumar

Q.3.In 1945, fifty nations met to phrase the basic charter for a world organization which would save succeeding generations from the scourge of war”. This conference took place at
A) Dumbarton Oaks
B) London
C) San Francisco
D) Yalta

Q.4.This institute scientist have successfully converted packaging plastic waste to plastic-derived oil (PDO).
A) IIT Kharagpur
B) IT Guwahati
C) IIT Madras
D) IIT Bombay

Q.5.Indo Greeks were the first one to issue____in India.
A) Gold Coins
B) Silver Coins
C) Paper Notes
D) None of the above

Q.6.Which groups of the folloeing has acquired Scottish Company TSC for $40 million.
A) TVS Group
В) Bајај
C) Mahindra Group
D) Hero Group

Q.7.I Do What I Do: On Reform, Rhetoric & Resolve was the book of_____.
A) Dalai Lama
B) Taslima Nasreen
C) Raghuram Rajan
D) Dr. Shashi Tharoor

Q.8.By which year WHO Member-Countries Commit To End TB?
A) 2030
B) 2025
C) 2031
D) 2045

Q.9.Who welcomed Alexander and his men?
A) Ambhi
B) Bessus
C) Craterus
D) King Porus

Q.10.The world’s longest sandstone cave named ‘Krem Puri’ has been discovered in______.
A) Gujarat
B) Himachala Pradesh
C) Manipur
D) Meghalaya

Q.11.Ms. Medha Patkar is associated with the
A) Tehri project
B) Enron project
C) Sardar Sarovar project
D) Dabhol project

Q.12.Olympic creed and oath was composed by____ the founder of modern Olympics.
A) Rev Father Didon
B) Baron Pierre de Coubertin
C) Norman Pitchard
D) None of the above

Q.13.India’s first atomic reactor was
A) Zerlina
B) Dhruva
C) Apsara
D) Kamini

Q.14.The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) will set up India’s first offshore wind turbines in which state?
A) Tamilnadu
B) Pondicherry
C) Gujarat
D) Andra Pradesh

Q.15.Which of the following is not a viral disease?
A) Herpes
B) Epilepsy
C) Chicken pox

Q.16.The Govt has allocated Spectrum Allocation to Shyam-Sistema for providing CDMA services in various part of India. Sistema belongs to which of the following countries?
A) India
B) Russia
C) Britain
D) China

Q.17.Railway Ministry approved to install sanitary pad dispensers for 200 stations on____.
A) Mar 10th
B) Mar 5th
C) Mar 2nd
D) Mar 8th

Q.18.Which IIT institute will start “Vastu Shastra’ classes for architecture students?
A) IIT Kharagpur
B) IIT Bombay
C) IIT Madras
D) IIT Indore

Q.19.In which of the following years, the membership of the Security Council was increased from 11 to 15 (under Article 23)?
A) 1960
B) 1965
C) 1972
D) 1975

Q.20.The Head office of International Labor organization is situated at
A) Paris
B) Geneva
C) New York
D) The Hague

Q.21.In which year, terrorists crash two planes into New York’s World Trade Centre on September 11 in a sequence of destruction?
A) 2000
B) 2001
C) 2002
D) 2003

Q.22.Lance Armstrong, a sportsperson of international repute, belongs to which of the following countries?
B) Ukraine
C) Spain
D) Brazil

Q.23.The number of non-permanent members of UN Security Council is
A) 08
B) 10
C) 12
D) 14

Q.24.Who has been appointed as the Chairman of India Ports Association?
A) Dr. Bikram Sarkar
B) Rani Jadav
C) Dr. A. K Chandra
D) Rammurti Sharma

Q.25.’The Age of Turbulance’ is written by:
A) Alan Greenspan
B) Andrew Strathern
C) Marie Bland
D) Sumit Sarkar

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