Introduction to Computer MCQ

Introduction to Computer MCQ

1.Which of the following is the product of data processing
A) Information ✔️
B) Data
C) Software program
D) System

2.The process of putting data into a storage location
is called
A) Reading
B) Writing ✔️
C) Controlling
D) Hand shaking

3.The process of copying data from a memory location is called
A) Reading ✔️
B) Writing
C) Controlling
D) Booting

4.A list of instructions used by a computer is called
A) Program ✔️
C) Text
D) Output

5.The CPU consists of
A) Input, output and processing
B) Control unit, primary storage and secondary storage
C) Control unit; arithmetic logic unit and primary storage ✔️
D) Input, processing and storage

6.Which of the following is true about primary storage
A) It is a part of the CPU
B) It allows very fast access to data
C) It is relatively more expensive
D) All of the Above ✔️

7.Which of the following is the most powerful type of the computer
A) Main frame
B) Super conductor
C) Micro computer
D) Super Computer ✔️

8.Software instruction intended to satisfy a user’s specific processing needs are called
A) System software
B) Process software
C) Documentation
D) Application Software

9.The computer device primarily used to provide hard copy is the
B) Line Printer
C) Computer console
D) Card reader

10.Which one of the following can produce the final product of machine processing in a form usable by humans
A) Storage
B) Control
C) Input device
D) Output Device ✔️

11.The term ‘memory’ applies to which one of the following
A) Logic
B) Storage
C) Input device
D) Output device

12.A typical modern computer uses
A) Magnetic cores for secondary storage
B) LSI Chips ✔️
C) Magnetic tape for primary memory
D) More than 10,000 vacuum tubes

13.A collection of 8 bits is called
A) Byte ✔️
B) Record
C) Word
D) Nibble

14.General purpose computers are those that can be adopted to countless uses simply by changing its
A) Output device
B) Input device
C) Processor
D) Program ✔️

15.The current generation of computers
A) Second
B) Fifth
C) Fourth
D) Third

16.To implement all functions of the basic logic functions, it needs
A) OR Gate
B) NOT Gate
C) AND and NOT Gates ✔️
D) None of these

17.In the binary number 110.101, the fractional part has the value
A) 0.625 ✔️
B) 0.125
C) 0.875
D) 0.5

18.The value of binary 1111 is
A) 23 -1
B) 24
C) 15 ✔️
D) None of these

19.The value of 25 in octal system is
A) 20
B) 31 ✔️
C) 400
D) None of these

20.A hexa decimal number ‘A0’ has the decimal value
A) 80
B) 256
C) 100
D) 160 ✔️

21.The binary representation of hexadecimal ‘C3’ is
A) 1111
B) 110011
C) 110001
D) 11000011 ✔️

22.The ASCII code is for information interchange by a binary code for
A) Numbers only
B) Alphabets only
C) Alphanumeric and other Common Symbols ✔️
D) None of these

23.A four bit number is given as 1001. Its 1’s complement is
A) 1001
B) 11001
C) 0110 ✔️
D) 0101

24.2’s complement representation of a decimal number -4 is
A) 0100
B) 1100 ✔️
C) 1011
D) 1010

25.BCD numbers are obtained
A) By converting decimal number to binary
B) By converting decimal to octal
C) When each decimal digit is represented by four bit binary ✔️
D) By converting binary to decimal.

26.A gate in which all inputs must be low to get a high output is called
A) An inverter
B) A NOR Gate ✔️
C) An AND Gate
D) A NAND Gate

27.For a logical circuit there are ‘n’ binary inputs. Then the number of different input combinations in the truth table is
A) 2n
B) 2/n
C) 2n ✔️
D) 2(n+1)

28.Which of the following performs modulation and demodulation
A) Satellite
B) Modem ✔️
C) Fiber optic
D) Amplifier

29.A characteristic of multi programming system is
A) Simultaneous execution of program instructions from two applications
B) Concurrent Processing of two or more Programs ✔️
C) Multiple CPU’s
D) All of the above

30.Communication circuits that transmit data in both directions but not at the same time are operating in
A) Simplex mode
B) Half-Duplex Mode ✔️
C) Full-duplex mode
D) Asynchronous mode

31.Operating system functions may include
A) Input/output control
B) Virtual storage
C) Multi programming
D) All of the Above ✔️

32.Transmission of computerized data from one location to another is called
A) Data transfer
B) Data flow
C) Data Communication ✔️
D) Data management

33.Which of the following items is not used in LAN
A) Computers
B) Modem ✔️
C) Printer
D) Cable

34.Which is the device that converts computer output into a form that can be transmitted over a telephone line
A) Teleport
B) Multiplexer
C) Concentrator
D) Modem ✔️

35.What is the commonly used unit for measuring the speed of data transmission
A) Bytes per second
B) Bits per second
C) Baud
D) Either B or C ✔️

36.A kilobyte also referred to as KB, is equal to
A) 1000 bytes
B) 1024 bytes ✔️
C) 2048 bytes
D) 512 bytes

37.Inputs to your computer is accomplished using the
A) Screen
B) Keyboard ✔️
C) Printer
D) Plotter

38.Which of the following is not used as secondary storage
A) Semiconductor Memory
B) Magnetic disks
C) Magnetic drums
D) Magnetic tapes ✔️