NEET MCQ for Biology 15

NEET MCQ for Biology 15

Q.1.Which bacteria is utilized in gober gas plant?
A) Methanogens 
B) Nitrifying bacteria
C) Ammonifying bacteria
D) Denitrifying bacteria

Q.2.Plant bends towards the source of light on account of the movement of curvature known as
A) Geotropism
B) Thigmotropism
C) Chemotropism
D) Phototropism

Q.3.Photosynthesis is a process
A) Reductive and exergonic
B) Reductive and catabolic
C) Reductive, endergonic and catabolic
D) Reductive, endergonic and anabolic

Q.4.Which among the following correctly defines Hypoglycemia?
A) Lower than normal level of thyroxin secretion
B) Lower than normal level of protein
C) Lower than normal secretion of one or more of the eight hormones normally produced by the pituitary gland
D) Lower than normal level of blood glucose

Q.5.Dietary intake of ‘Iodine’ is essential for the normal functioning of thyroid gland. Which among the following is considered to be naturally rich in Iodine?
1. Table Salt
2. Sea-food
3. Dairy Products
A) Only 1
B) 1 and 2
C) 1 and 3
D) 1, 2 and 3

Q.6.The human musculoskeletal system consists of
A) Human skeleton
B) Bones attached to other bones with joints
C) Skeletal muscle attached to the skeleton by tendons.
D) All the above

Q.7.Which among the following correctly refers to Ischemia?
A) Restriction in blood supply due to factors in the blood vessels
B) Abrupt fall in the blood Pressure
C) Necrosis in a blood vessel due to a local lack of oxygen
D) Condition of severely deficient supply of oxygen to the body

Q.8.Who among the following worked on Tuberculosis?
A) Robert Koch
B) Karl Ernst von Baer
C) Erwin Neher
D) Richard Goldschmidt

Q.9.A cross between a Tall pea plant (TT) and Short pea plant (tt) resulted in progenies that were all tall plants because
A) Tallness is the dominant trait
B) Tallness is the recessive trait
C) Shortness is the dominant trait
D) Height of pea plant is not governed by gene Tort

Q.10.The reservoir for the gaseous type of bio geochemical type cycle exists in
A) Stratosphere
B) Atmosphere
C) Ionosphere
D) Lithosphere

Q.11.O2 released in the process of photosynthesis comes from
A) CO2
B) Water
C) Sugar
D) Pyruvic acid

Q.12.What name has been given to the fear of crossing roads?
A) Arthrophobia
B) Atychiphobia
C) Aichmophobia
D) Agyrophobia

Q.13.Which among the following diseases is very rare in women compared to the men affected with the same disorder?
A) Steoporosis
B) Color blindness
C) Nyctalopia
D) Down Syndrome

Q.14.Saurology is the study of_____
A) Mosquitoes
B) Snake
C) Lizards
D) Cockroach

Q.15.National Botanical Research Institute is located in_____
A) Shimla
B) Dehradun
C) Howrah
D) Lucknow

Q.16.Which of the following is totally impossible outcome of Mendel’s Experiment?
A) 3 Tall 1 short plant
B) 24 Tall and 8 short plants
C) 8 Tall and 0 short plants
D) 4 Tall plants and 1 medium height plant.

Q.17.Outer covering of virus made up of protein is
A) Capsid
B) Coat
C) Virion
D) Viriod

Q.18.If you want to convert cooking oil into vegetable ghee, the process that you would use is ______
A) Freezing
B) Oxidation
C) Hydrogenation
D) Crystallization

Q.19.What is commonly known as ‘biological clock’?
A) Parathyroid gland
B) Adrenal gland
C) Pineal gland
D) Thyroid gland

Q.20.Floridean starch is found in:
A) Chlorophyceae
B) Myxophyceae
C) Phaeophyceae
D) Rhodophyceae

Q.21.Placenta is the structure formed
A) By the union of foetal and uterine tissue
B) By foetus only
C) By fusion of germ layers
D) None of these

Q.22. 30- Out of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates present in a cell membrane, what is true?
A) Lipids are maximum
B) Carbohydrates are minimum
C) Carbohydrates are maximum
D) All three are in equal proportion

Q.23.Movement of cell against concentration gradient is called
A) Osmosis
B) Active transport
C) Diffusion
D) Passive transport

Q.24.A resting person usually has a pulse rate between
A) 65-72
B) 72-80
C) 62-75
D) 72-74

Q.25.What does the increase in the level of greenhouse gases lead to?
A) No change in ecosystem cycles.
B) Proper plant growth.
C) Proper rainfall.
D) Global warming.

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