NEET MCQ for Biology 16

NEET MCQ for Biology 16

Q.1.Photosynthesis takes place faster in
A) Yellow light
B) White light
C) Red light
D) Darkness

Q.2.Which among the following is not rightly matched: (Ailments and affected parts of Body)
A) Dermatitis – Skin
B) Glossitis – Tongue
C) Peritonitis – Abdomen
D) Cystitis – Caecum

Q.3.Which of the following places are main centers of silicosis and silicotuberculosis diseases affecting the workers in India?
A) Glass Factories
B) Stone quarries and stone crushing factories.–
C) Fireworks Factories
D) Brick Kilns

Q.4.Plants wilt due to excess of
A) Transpiration
B) Photosynthesis
C) Absorption
D) None of these

Q.5.Which among the following is correct about triticale?
A) A hybrid seed
B) A man made cereal
C) A genetically modified cereal
D) A leguminous plant

Q.6.The nutritional supplements Spirulina, Chorella and the Vitamin-C supplement, Dunaliella are actually:
A) Algae
B) Lichens
C) Probiotics
D) Bryophytes

Q.7.Which among the following correctly refers to Ischemia?
A) Restriction in blood supply due to factors in the blood vessels
B) Abrupt fall in the blood Pressure
C) Necrosis in a blood vessel due to a local lack of oxygen
D) Condition of severely deficient supply of oxygen to the body

Q.8.Who among the following coined the term Bacterium?
A) Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
B) Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg
C) Louis Pasteur
D) Robert Koch

Q.9.Adrenal glands are situated
A) Below the larynx
B) Over the Adrenal cortex
C) Over the Adrenal medulla
D) Over the kidneys

Q.10.Consider the following: Waste products Hormones Ions Circulation of blood is responsible for transport of which among the above in our bodies?
A) Only 1
B) 1 & 2
C) 2 & 3
D) 1, 2 & 3

Q.11.Why do the bacteria develop resistance after slowly being exposed to a particular antibiotic? Due to mutation in genes Due to Horizontal Gene Transfer Due to Vertical Gene Transfer Choose the correct option:
A) Only 1
B) Only 1 & 2
C) Only 2 & 3
D) 1, 2 & 3

Q.12.The hormonal activities of which of the following substances were discovered while studying “foolish seedling” disease in rice?
A) Cytokinins
B) Ethylene
C) Auxins
D) Gibberellin

Q.13.Consider the following statements: Most antigens are Proteins or lipids Lipids work as antigens if they combine with Proteins or polysaccharides most vaccines contain antigens. Which among the above statements are correct?
A) 1 Only
B) 1 & 2 Only
C) 2 & 3 Only
D) All 1, 2 and 3

Q.14.Who among the following were awarded Nobel Prize in 1958 for One Gene One Enzyme Concept?
A) Landsteiner & Weiner
B) Avery, Mccleod and mc Carthy
C) Jacob & Wollman
D) George Beadle and Edward Tatum

Q.15.A particular cell organelle is sometimes referred certain enzymes that can break down the cell components or even the whole cell.
Which one of the following is such an organelle?
A) Lysosome
B) Mesosome
C) Phagosome
D) Ribosome

Q.16.Root cap is not found in
A) Mesophytes
B) Hydrophytes
C) Xerophytes
D) Halophytes

Q.17.Which gland is responsible for growth and metamorphosis?
A) Thyroid
B) Adrenal
C) Pituitary
D) None of the above

Q.18.Rain water helps to increase the _____ to some extent
A) Phosphorous contents
B) Nitrogen contents
C) Calcium contents
D) Potash contents

Q.19.Which one among the following personalities discovered smallpoxvaccine?
A) Edward Jenner
B) Alexander Fleming
C) Louis Pasteur
D) Robert Koch

Q.20.Bioenergy is the energy obtained from______.
A) Coal.
B) Natural Gas.
C) Alcohol.
D) Biomass. 

Q.21.What is Apiculture?
A) Rearing of bees. 
B) Rearing of animals.
C) Rearing of birds.
D) Rearing of insects.

Q.22.What is plant tissue culture?
A) The technique of in vitro maintaining and growing cells. 
B) The technique of in vivo growing cells.
C) The technique of growing plants in gardens.
D) The technique of cutting plants.

Q.23.This digestive juice has no enzymes. What is it called?
A) Saliva
B) Intestinal juice
C) Bile juice
D) Gastric juice

Q.24.Consider the following regarding proteins in our body.
1. Proteins are specialized compounds contain elements like iron and iodine
2.Some of the proteins contain sulphur and copper.
3. They are organic in nature containing carbon and oxygen only.
Choose the incorrect options:
A) 1 and 2 only
B) 2 and 3 only
C) 3 only
D) 1 and 3 only.

Q.25.First CO2 receptor in C4 plants is:

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