NEET MCQ for Biology 21

NEET MCQ for Biology 21

Q.1.The greenhouse gases
A) Keep the planet warm
B) Decrease the temperature
C) Radiate the heat of earth
D) Trap the harmful rays

Q.2.Which among the following is the correct location of pyloric sphincter in human body?
A) Between Oral cavity and esophagus
B) Between Esophagus and Stomach
C) Between Stomach and duodenum
D) Between duodenum and Jejunum

Q.3.The movement of food in phloem is called
A) Ranspiration
B) Translocation
C) Respiration
D) Evaporation

Q.4.Callus is
A) An unorganized mass of cells
B) Cells from the shoot tip
C) Cells from the root tip
D) Rapidly dividing cells

Q.5.The antibiotic penicillin is produced from a
A) Bacteria
B) Fungi
C) Lichen
D) Algae

Q.6.A place where an earthquake originates is called the
A) Focus
B) Tsunami
C) Fault line
D) Epicenter

Q.7.The term ecology was coined by
A) A.G. Tansley
B) Earnst Haeckel
C) Aristotle
D) Linnaeus

Q.8.Which disease is caused by the fungi?
A) Polio
B) Malaria
C) Dermatitis
D) Cholera

Q.9.Prokaryotic cells lack
A) Nucleolus
B) Nuclear membrane
C) Membrane bound by organelles
D) All of these

Q.10.What would be the percentage of Glucose in the Urine of a healthy person?
A) Less than 1%
B) More than 1%
C) More than 0.1%
D) 0%

Q.11.Which among the following is correct about Saliva of a Healthy Human?
A) It is slightly acidic
B) It is slightly saline
C) It is slightly alkaline
D) It is neutral

Q.12.Biologists have been able to demonstrate the hearing and sound sensory mechanism through the acoustico-lateralis system in which of the following vertebrates?
A) Amphibians
B) Snakes
C) Fishes
D) Birds

Q.13.What is the pH value of human blood?
A) 5.5
B) 6.5
C) 7.5
D) 8.5

Q.14.The most popular Zero Calorie sugar substitutes in the market are made up of Sucralose, as an artificial sweetner.
Why sucralose does not have calories?
A) Because the Sucralose is 600 times more sweet than Sucrose (Natural Sugar) and thus its low quantity gives same taste but zero calories when it is digested in the body.
B) Because the chemical composition of Sucralose is such that its oxidation gives less calories in body compared to the Sucrose.
C) Because Sucralose is not a Carbohydrate
D) Because Sucralose is not digested in the body

Q.15.Process of cell division can take place by
A) Heterosis
B) Fusion
C) Mitosis
D) None of these

Q.16.30- Out of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates present in a cell membrane, what is true?
A) Lipids are maximum
B) Carbohydrates are minimum
C) Carbohydrates are maximum
D) All three are in equal proportion

Q.17.Which among the following is not among Micronutrients required for plants?
A) Molybdenum
B) Magnesium
C) Manganese
D) Zinc

Q.18.Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding the Vitamin C?
A) Only Vitamin C is to be taken externally, all others are produced in the human body.
B) Vitamin C is the only vitamin which is also a hormone. 
C) Scurvy is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin C
D) Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin.

Q.19.A plant belonging to which of the following groups would show least adaptation to marine water?
A) Pteridophytes
B) Gymnosperms
C) Angiosperms
D) Bryophytes de

Q.20.Fossils are generally found in?
A) Sedimentasry rocks. 
B) Igneous rocks
C) Metamorphic rocks.
D) Any type of rock

Q.21.First National park developed in India is?
A) Gir.
B) Kaziranga.
C) Jim Corbett. 
D) None of these

Q.22.Japanese encephalitis is a disease caused by_______?
A) Virus
B) Protozoa
C) Bacteria
D) Fungi

Q.23.What initiates the replication in DNA?
A) DNA ligase. 
B) Origin of replication.
C) Termination sequences.
D) Histone proteins.

Q.24.Which of the following animals show menstrual cycle?
A) Gorillas and chimpanzees.
B) Monkeys and humans.
C) Orangutans and monkeys.
D) All of these. 

Q.25.People suffering from colour blindness fail to distinguish which of the two colours?
A) Red and Green. 
B) Blue and Green.
C) Red and Blue.
D) Red and Yellow.

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