NEET MCQ for Chemistry 1

NEET MCQ for Chemistry 1

Q.1.In Carius method of estimation of halogen. 250 mg of an organic compound gave 141 mg of AgBr. The percentage of bromine in the compound is: (at. Mass Ag = 108. Br = 80)
A) 24
B) 36
C) 48
D) 60

Q.2.The by product of soap is
A) Isoprene
B) Glycerol
C) Butane
D) Ethylene glycol

Q.3.Acetaldehyde and benzaldehyde can be distinguished chemically by.
A) Benedict’s test
B) Tollen’s reagent test
C) Fehling’s solution test
D) None of above

Q.4.An element with atomic number will form a basic oxide_____.
A) 11
B) 17
C) 14
D) 7

Q.5.An alloy of Zn and Cu is dissolved in dil. HC1; hydrogen gas is evolved. In this evolution of gas
A) Only zinc reacts with dil. HCI
B) Only copper reacts with dil. HCI
C) Both zinc and copper react with dil. HCI
D) Only copper reacts with water

Q.6.The Natural Sources of Acetic Acid is
A) Curd
B) Orange
C) Tomato
D) Vinegar

Q.7.The most reactive metal is
A) Iron
B) Gold
C) Zinc
D) Potassium

Q.8.To get a n-type semiconductor from silicon, it should be doped with a substance with valence
A) 2
B) 1
C) 3
D) 5

Q.9.The nuclear particles which are assumed to hold the nucleons together are
A) Electrons
B) Positrons
C) Neutrons
D) Mesons

Q.10.The molecule which has the highest percentage of ionic character among the following is
D) HBr

Q.11.Non-metals form oxides which are:
A) Either acidic or neutral
B) Acidic only
C) Basic only
D) Neither acidic nor neutral

Q.12.The metal that is usually extracted from sea water is
A) Ca
B) Na
C) K
D) Mg

Q.13.Two Faraday of electricity is passed through a solution of CuSO4. The mass of copper deposited at the cathode is: (at. mass of Cu = 63.5 amu)
A) 0g
B) 63.5 g
C) 2 g
D) 127g

Q.14. 3-Methyl-pent-2-ene on reaction with HBr in presence of peroxide forms an addition product. The number of possible stereoisomer for the product is
C) Two

Q.15.Galvanizing is a metallurgical process that is used to coat steel or iron with which of the following?
A) Zinc
B) Lead
C) Chromium
D) Copper

Q.16.What is Calcium sulphate?
A) Epsom salt
B) Blue vitriol
C) Gypsum salt
D) Potash alum

Q.17.What is the maximum number of electrons the second energy level can hold?
A) 6
B) 8
C) 4
D) 2

Q.18.Which among the following is a main component of some alert tablets such as Alert, No Doz. Stay Awake & Vivarin?
A) Thein
B) Caffeine
C) Nicotine
D) Catechins

Q.19.The major component used in preparation of different types of glasses is :
A) Sodium borate
B) Sodium silicate
C) Silica
D) Calcium silicate

Q.20.Which among the following provides the centripetal force to an electron circulating around the nucleus?
A) Electrostatic forces of repulsion
B) Electrostatic force of attraction
C) Speed of the electron
D) Nuclear charge

Q.21.Which one is an organic Acid?
A) Sulphuric
B) Citric
C) Nitric
D) Phosphoric

Q.22.Which among the following is incorrect regarding the chemical nature of Diamond & Graphite?
A) Density of Diamond is higher than that of Graphite
B) Diamond is chemically uncreative while graphite is mild reactive
C) Both Diamond and Graphite are good conductors of electricity
D) None of the above

Q.23.Which among the following kinds of Chemical reactions cause the rocks turn red or yellowish?
A) Hydration
B) Oxidation
C) Carbonation
D) Exfoliation

Q.24.Which of the following is not a variable in the de Broglie equation
A) Wavelength
B) Velocity
C) Planck’s constant
D) Location

Q.25.Which among the following does not come under carbon Group of Periodic Table?
A) Silicon
B) Germanium
C) Tin
D) Selenium

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