NEET MCQ for Physics 17

NEET MCQ for Physics 17

Q.1.Bernoulli’s Principle is a statement of
A) Energy conservation in dynamic fluids. 
B) Momentum conservation in dynamic fluids.
C) Hydrostatic equilibrium
D) Thermal equilibrium in fluids.

Q.2.The unit of electric dipole moment is
A) Newton
B) Coulomb
C) Farad
D) Debye

Q.3.The binding energy per nucleon is almost constant for many nuclei. It shows that nuclear forces are
A) Charge independent
B) Saturated in nature
C) Short range in nature
D) Attractive in nature

Q.4.The following observations were taken for determining surface tension T of water by capillary method: Diameter of capillary, D= 1.25 x 10-2 m rise of water, h = 1.45 x 10-2 m Using g = 9.80 m/s2 and the simplified relation T = rhg/ 2 x 103 N/m, the possible error in surface tension is closest
A) 2.4%
C) 0.15%
D) 1.5%

Q.5.A diode detector is used to detect an amplitude modulated wave of 60% modulation by using a condenser of capacity 250 Pico farad in parallel with a load resistance 100 k? Find the maximum modulated frequency which could be detected by it.
A) 10.62 MHz
B) 10.62 kHz
C) 5.31 MHz
D) 5.31 kHz

Q.6.This question has statement I and Statement II. Of the four choices given after the Statements, choose the one that best describes the two statements. Statement -I: Higher the range, greater is the resistance of ammeter. Statement – II: To increase the range of ammeter, additional shunt needs to be used across it.
A) Statement -I is true, Statements – II is true, Statement – II is the correct explanation of Statements – I
B) Statement -I is true, Statement – II is true, Statement – II is not the correct explanation of Statement – I.
C) Statement -I is true, Statement – II is false.
D) Statement -I is false, Statement – II is true

Q.7.The period of oscillation of simple pendulum is TEL 21 Vlg. Measured value of L is 20.0 cm known to 1 mm accuracy and time for 100 oscillations of the pendulum is found to be 90 s using wrist watch of 1 s resolution. The accuracy in the determination of g is
A) 2%
B) 3%
C) 1%
D) 5%

Q.8.The current voltage relation of diode is given by I = (e1000V/1 – 1) mA, where the applied voltage V is in volts and the temperature T is in degree Kelvin. If a student makes an error measuring = 0.01 V while measuring the current of 5 mA at 300 K, what will be the error in the value of current in ma?
A) 0.5 mA
B) 0.05 mA
C) 0.2 mA
D) 0.02 mA

Q.9.Orbital speed of a satellite revolving close to the earth is approximately)
A) 4 km/s
B) 8 km/s
C) 11.2 km/s
D) 3 x 108 m/s

Q.10.If the kinetic energy of a body is increased n times then its energy will be
A) N Times
B) 2N Times
C) 4N Times
D) N2 Times

Q.11.A person who is pulling a bucket filled with water falls behind with the sudden break of the rope. Which of the following laws of Newton comes into action?
A) First Law
B) Second law
C) Third law
D) First and third law

Q.12.Which among the following character of mercury makes it suitable to use in barometers instead of water?
A) Low density and low vapor pressure
B) High density and high vapor pressure
C) Low density and good conductor of heat
D) High density and low vapor pressure

Q.13.Which among the following has the lowest frequency Range?
A) L-Band
B) S-Band
C) C-Band
D) X-Band

Q.14.Who among the following coined the term “cosmic rays” ?
A) Henri Becquerel
B) Theodor Wulf
C) Robert Millikan
D) Bruno Rossi

Q.15.Pressure applied on any part of a liquid in its equilibrium state transmitted equally in all directions of liquid. This statement is known as
A) Hook’s Law
B) Boyle’s Law
C) Pascal’s Law
D) Archimedes Law

Q.16.Which of the following is more viscous
B) Air
C) Water
D) Ammonia

Q.17.Which of the following instrument does not work on Pascal’s law?
A) Fortein barometer
B) Hydraulic press
C) Hydraulic lift
D) Hydraulic brake

Q.18.Which of the following is a scalar quantity?
A) Electric field
B) Angular momentum
C) Velocity
D) Electric potential

Q.19.Which among the following lens is used to correct Presbyopia?
A) Convex
B) Concave
C) Bifocal
D) Cylindracal

Q.20.Chandrashekhar Limit postulated by Dr S. Chandrashekhar posts a limit of mass of which among the following?
A) Neutron Star
B) White Dwarf
C) Steller Black Hole
D) Young stellar object

Q.21.Out of the following pairs, choose the pair in which the physical quantities do not have identical dimension?
A) Pressure and Young’s modules
B) Planck’s constant and Angular momentum
C) Impulse and moment of force
D) Force and rate of change of linear momentum

Q.22.Out of the following pairs, which one does not have identical dimension?
A) Moment of inertia and moment of a force
B) Work and Torque
C) Angular momentum and Planck’s constant
D) Impulse and Momentum

Q.23.Which among the following compound is most commonly used in the Photochromic lenses?
A) Potassium Dichromate
B) Silver Chloride
C) Potassium ferrate
D) Ferric Chloride

Q.24.Planets do not twinkle because
A) They emit light of a constant intensity
B) Their distance from the earth does not change with time
C) They are very far away from the earth resulting in decrease in intensity of light
D) They are nearer to earth and hence we receive a greater amount of light and, therefore minor variations in the intensity are not noticeable. 

Q.25.A 10 Kg block of Iron has which of the following twice in value in comparison to a 5 Kg block of Iron?
1. Inertia
2. Mass
3. Volume
Select the correct option from the codes given below:
A) Only 1 & 2
B) Only 2
C) Only 1 & 3
D) 1,2 & 3

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