NEET MCQ for Physics 8

NEET MCQ for Physics 8

Q.1.Dimensions of coefficient of viscosity is
A) [M2L2T2]
B) [M2LT2]
C) [ML-1T-1]
D) [MLT2]

Q.2.Which one among the following denotes the smallest temperature?
A) 1o on the Kelvin scale
B) 1o on the Reaumur scale
C) 1o on the Fahrenheit scale
D) 1o on the Celsius scale

Q.3.When interference of light takes place
A) Energy is created in the region of maximum intensity
B) Energy is destroyed in the region of maximum intensity
C) Conservation of energy holds good and energy is redistributed
D) Conservation of energy does not hold good

Q.4.An electromagnetic wave can be produced, when charge is
A) Moving with a constant velocity
B) Moving in a circular orbit
C) Falling in an electric field
D) Both (B) and (C)

Q.5.Which of the following is a simple harmonic motion?
A) Wave moving through a string fixed at both ends
B) Earth spinning about its own axis
C) Ball bouncing between two rigid vertical walls
D) Particle moving in a circle with uniform speed

Q.6.Quality factor and power factor both have the dimensions of
A) Time
B) Frequency
C) Work
D) Angle

Q.7.What is the value of coefficient of restitution (e) for a perfectly elastic collision?
A) 0
B) 0.5
C) 1
D) Infinity

Q.8.Assume that a drop of liquid evaporates by decrease in its surface energy. So that its temperature remains unchanged. What should be the minimum radius of the drop for this to be possible? The surface tension is T. density of liquid is p and L is its latent heat of vaporization.
A) pL/T
B) √T/Lp
C) T/Lp
D) 2T/pL

Q.9.There is no atmosphere on the moon because
A) It is close to the earth
B) It revolves around the earth
C) It receives light from earth
D) Escape velocity is less than r.m.s. speed of gas molecules there

Q.10.What would be the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth if the density of the earth increased by 3 times and the radius remained the same?
A) 9.81 m/s2
B) 12.26 m/s2
C) 15.33 m/s2
D) 29.43 m/s2

Q.11.Water reaches from inside the earth to the leaves of tress via its stems. Its main reason is
A) Gravitational force
B) Capillarity
C) Viscosity of water
D) Vaporization of water

Q.12.Any moving object on earth finally comes to rest due to which among the following?
A) Gravity
B) Friction
C) Inertia
D) Motion

Q.13.Hydraulic Brakes work on which principal?
A) Pascal’s Principle
B) Archimedes Principle
C) Newton’s Laws
D) Casini’s Laws

Q.14.Albert Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize for his path-breaking research and formulation of the:
A) Theory of Relavitity
B) Laws of Photo-Electric Effect
C) Principle of Wave-Particle Duality
D) Theory of Critical Opalescence

Q.15.Which among the following is a source of Atomic Energy?
A) Iron
B) Uranium
C) Silver
D) Platinum

Q.16.Which among the following can be measured with Anemometer?
A) Water Velocity
B) Wind Velocity
C) Relative Humidity
D) Absolute Humidity

Q.17.Which among the following is known as first electronic amplification device.?
A) Diode
B) Triode Vacuum Tubes
C) Vacuum Tubes
D) Bipolar transistors

Q.18.The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves
A) Viscosity of ink
B) Capillary action phenomenon
C) Diffusion of ink through the blotting
D) Siphon action

Q.19.The value of acceleration due to gravity is_____?
A) Minimum at equator and maximum at poles
B) Maximum at equator and minimum at poles
C) Equal at poles and equator
D) None of the above

Q.20.Moment of inertia is
A) Vector
B) Scalar
C) Phasor
D) Tensor

Q.21.Railway tracks are banked on curves
A) Necessary centrifugal force may be obtained from the horizontal component weight of the train
B) To avoid frictional force between the tracks and wheels
C) Necessary centripetal force may be obtained from the horizontal component of the weight of the train
D) The train may not fly off in the opposite direction

Q.22.Sound of frequency below 20 Hz is called
A) Audio sounds
B) Infrasonic
C) Ultrasonic
D) Supersonics

Q.23.Mercury is commonly used as a thermometric fluid rather than water because
A) Specific heat of mercury is less than water
B) Specific heat of mercury is more than water
C) Mercury has greater visibility than water
D) Density of mercury is more than the water

Q.24.Large astronomical telescopes always use as objective
A) Lens
B) Mirror
C) Combinations of lenses
D) None of the above

Q.25.On a cold day when a room temperature is 150C, the metallic cap of a pen becomes much colder than its plastic body, though both are at the same temperature of 150C, because
A) Metals have higher thermal capacity than plastics
B) Plastics have a lower density than metals
C) Metals are good conductor of heat
D) Plastics have a higher thermal conductivity than metals

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