NEET MCQ for Physics 9

NEET MCQ for Physics 9

Q.1.Heat capacity of a body is Infinite. It implies that
A) Body absorbs heat
B) Body rejects heat
C) Temperature of the body remains constant on supplying heat to it
D) None of the above

Q.2.A circular loop of radius 0.3 cm lies parallel to a much bigger circular loop of radius 20 cm. The center of the small loop is on the axis of the bigger loop. The distance between their centers is 15 cm. If a current of 2.0 A flows through the smaller loop, then the flux linked with bigger loop is
A) 9.1 x 10-11wb
B) 6 x 10-11wb
C) 3.3 x 10-11wb
D) 6.6 x 10-9wb

Q.3.A diode detector is used to detect an amplitude modulated wave of 60% modulation by using a condenser of capacity 250 Pico farad in parallel with a load resistance 100 k? Find the maximum modulated frequency which could be detected by it.
A) 10.62 MHZ
B) 10.62 kHz
C) 5.31 MHz
D) 5.31 kHz

Q.4.A particle moves with simple harmonic motion in a straight line. In first t s. after starting from rest it travels a distance a, and in next is it travels 2a, in same direction, then
A) Amplitude of motion is 4a
B) Time period of oscillations is 6π
C) Amplitude of motion is 3a
D) Time period of oscillations is 8π

Q.5.In a young’s double slit experiment, slits are separated by 0.5 mm, and the screen is placed 150 cm away. A beam of light consisting of two wavelengths, 650 nm and 520 nm. is used to obtain interference fringes on the screen. The least distance from the common central maximum to the point where the bright fringes due to both the wavelengths coincide is:
A) 9.75 mm
B) 15.6 mm
C) 1.56 mm
D) 7.8 mm

Q.6.Nuclear Reactors are based on which of the following phenomenon?
A) Magnetic confinement of Plasma
B) Nuclear Fusion
C) Controlled Nuclear Fission
D) None of the above

Q.7.Aman grows into a giant such that his linear dimensions increase by a factor of 9. Assuming that his density remains same, the stress in the leg will change by a factor of
A) 1/9
B) 81
C) 1/81
D) 9

Q.8.Modulus of rigidity of a liquid is
A) 0
B) 1
C) Infinity
D) Any non-zero value
D) 9

Q.9.Going from equator to poles on earth’s surface, value of g
A) Decreases
B) Increase
C) Remains unchanged
D) Slightly less than that of equator

Q.10.At critical temperature, value of surface tension of a liquid is
A) Zero
B) Infinity
C) Maximum
D) One

Q.11.Which among the following is used to listen and record underwater sounds?
A) Altimeter
C) Hydrophone

Q.12.Why a small liquid drop is in spherical shape?
A) Due to surface tension
B) Due to low viscosity
C) Due to hydrogen bonding
D) Due to low density

Q.13.In context with the Defense of India, Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV) Projects are related to which among the following?
A) Nuclear Capable Missiles
B) Nuclear Capable Submarines
C) Aircraft Career Ships
D) Amphibious warfare vessels

Q.14.The asteroid belt is a region of the Solar System located roughly between the orbits of which among the following planets?
A) Earth & Mars
B) Mars & Jupiter
C) Jupiter and Saturn
D) Saturn and Pluto

Q.15.Which among the following are being procured by India for its armed forces, under the Project-75 India (P-75I) Programme?
A) Medium multi-role combat aircraft
B) Falcon Awas
C) Submarines
D) Aircraft Career Ships

Q.16.Which among the following defines gravitational mass?
A) Ratio of weight of a body and acceleration due to gravity
B) Ratio of Acceleration due to gravity and weight of a body
C) Matter contained in a body
D) None of the above

Q.17.Which among the following scientists is known for laws of planetary motion?
A) Newton
B) Kepler
C) Galileo
D) Faraday

Q.18.Radio telescopes are better than optical telescopes because
A) They can detect faint galaxies which no optical telescope can
B) They can work even in cloudy conditions
C) They can work during the day and night
D) All of the above

Q.19.Mercury is commonly used as a thermometric fluid rather than water because
A) Specific heat of mercury is less than water
B) Specific heat of mercury is more than water
C) Mercury has greater visibility than water
D) Density of mercury is more than the water

Q.20.Identify the vector quantity from the following
A) Heat
B) Angular momentum
C) Time
D) Work

Q.21.Two Flat mirrors are placed at an angle of 60° from each other. How many images will be formed of a Candle placed in between them?
A) 3
B) 4
C) 5
D) 6

Q.22.One Torr is equivalent to how many mm of Mercury?
A) 1 mm
B) 10 mm
C) 100 mm
D) 0.1 mm

Q.23.Most part of the Cosmic rays that impinge on earth’s atmosphere are____?
A) Electrons
B) Protons
C) Neutrons
D) Gamma rays

Q.24.Direction of current induced in a wire moving in a magnetic field is found using
A) Fleming’s left hand rule
B) Fleming’s right hand rule
C) Ampere’s rule
D) Right hand clasp rule

Q.25.For an object moving in uniform circular motion with constant speed. The direction of The instantaneous acceleration vector is
A) Tangent to the path of motion
B) Equal to zero
C) Directed radially outward
D) Directed radially, inward

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