NEET MCQ for Physics

NEET MCQ for Physics

Q.1.In a good conductor, the energy levels in a valence band:
A) Are partially filled only.
B) Overlap with conduction band only.
C) Both (A) and (B) are correct.
D) None of these

Q.2.Which of the following is a necessary and sufficient condition for simple harmonic motion
A) Constant time period
B) Constant acceleration
C) Proportionality between acceleration and displacement from mean position
D) Proportionality between restoring force and displacement from mean position

Q.3.Dielectric constant for a metal is
A) Zero
B) Infinite
C) 1
D) 10

Q.4.For an electron orbit to be non-radiating, it should be
A) Such that the angular momentum should be integral multiple of h.
B) Circular in nature
C) Elliptical in nature
D) None of these

Q.5.Arrange the following electromagnetic radiations per quantum in the order of increasing energy A: Blue light B: Yellow light C:X-ray D: Radiowave
A) B, A, D, C
B) D, B, A, C
C) A, B, D, C
D) C, A, B, D

Q.6.In an experiment for determination of refractive index of glass of a prism by i−δ. plot, it was found that a ray incident at angle 350. Suffers a deviation of 400 and that it emerges at angle790. In that case which of the following is closest to the maximum possible value of the refractive Index
A) 1.5
B) 1.6
C) 1.7
D) 1.8

Q.7.During the propagation of electromagnetic waves in a medium
A) Electric energy density is equal to the magnetic energy density.
B) Both electric and magnetic energy densities are zero.
C) Electric energy density is double of the magnetic energy density.
D) Electric energy density is half of the magnetic energy density.

Q.8.A man grows into a giant such that his linear dimensions increase by a factor of 9. Assuming that his density remains same, the stress in the leg will change by a factor of
A) 1/9
B) 81
C) 1/81
D) 9

Q.9.Which of the following is not a unit of power
A) Watt
B) Horse-power
C) Joule-second
D) KW-h

Q.10.Modulus of elasticity of a perfectly rigid body is
A) 0
B) V1
C) Infinity
D) Any non-zero value

Q.11.A small lead ball is falling freely in a viscous liquid. Its velocity
A) Will increase
B) Will decrease
C) First increases then it will become constant
D) Will remain constant

Q.12.Moment of linear momentum is known as
A) lnertia
B) Moment of inertia
C) Torque
D) Angular momentum

Q.13.Product of moment of inertia and angular acceleration of a body is called
A) Angular momentum
B) Torque
C) Force
D) Work

Q.14.Consider the following:
Help ISRO in Research
Help Department of Space in New Discoveries
Commercially sell Products & Services of Indian Space
Which among the above is / are the correct objectives of ANTRIX?
A) 1 & 2
B) 2 & 3
C) Only 2
D) Only 3

Q.15.At which among the following temperatures, the indicator of Celsius and Fahrenheit thermometers will show the same reading?
A) -40°C
B) -65°C
C) -25°C
D) -32°C

Q.16.The name of Robert Watson-Watt is associated with which among the following inventions?
A) Steam Engine
B) Electric Bulb
C) Radar technology
D) Microwaves

Q.17.Kalpana-1 was first exclusive satellite built by ISRO in which of the following satellite systems?

Q.18.In context with the Defense of India, Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV) Projects are related to which among the following?
A) Nuclear Capable Missiles
B) Nuclear Capable Submarines
C) Aircraft Career Ships
D) Amphibious warfare vessels

Q.19.Which among the following defines gravitational mass?
A) Ratio of weight of a body and acceleration due to gravity
B) Ratio of Acceleration due to gravity and weight of a body
C) Matter contained in a body
D) None of the above

Q.20.Equal volumes of all gases contain equal number of molecules under similar conditions of temperature and pressure. Which law says this?
A) Boyle’s law
B) Charles law
C) Avogadro’s Law
D) Bhor’s law

Q.21.Which among the following is measured using a Vernier Calliper?
A) Dimensions
B) Time
C) Sound
D) Temperature

Q.22.An observer looks at a distant tree of height 10 m with a telescope of magnifying power of 20. To the observer the tree appears
A) 20 Times nearer
B) 10 Times taller
C) 10 Times nearer
D) 20 Times taller

Q.23. A vehicle moving on a circular path experiences___?
A) Centripetal force
B) Centrifugal force
C) Gravitational force
D) None of the above

Q.24.Most part of the Cosmic rays that impinge on earth’s atmosphere are __?
A) Electrons
B) Protons
C) Neutrons
D) Gamma rays

Q.25.How does the Isotope of lodine, lodine-135 plays an important role in Nuclear Power Generation?
A) It is used as a fuel supplement in some of the modern Nuclear Reactors
B) lt is a bi-product of Nuclear Reaction which kills the neutrons and this inhibits the power formation
C) lt is a moderator used actively in the Nuclear Reactors
D) lt is an experimental substance for Nuclear Fusion

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