NIELIT M2-R5 JavaScript MCQ Questions and Answers

NIELIT M2-R5 JavaScript MCQ Questions and Answers

1-Inside which HTML element do we put the JavaScript?
A) <js>
B) <scripting>
C) <script> ✔️
D) <javascript>

2-What is the correct syntax for referring to an external script called ” abc.js”?
A) <script href=” abc.js”>
B) <script name=” abc.js”>
C) <script src=” abc.js”> ✔️
D) None of the above

2-Which types of image maps can be used with JavaScript?
A) Server-side image maps
B) Client-side image maps ✔️
C) Server-side image maps and Client-side image maps
D) None of the above

4-Which of the following navigator object properties is the same in both Netscape and IE?
A) navigator.appCodeName ✔️
B) navigator.appName
C) navigator.appVersion
D) None of the above

5-Which is the correct way to write a JavaScript array?
A) var txt = new Array(1:”tim”,2:”kim”,3:”jim”)
B) var txt = new Array:1=(“tim”)2=(“kim”)3=(“jim”)
C) var txt = new Array(“tim”,”kim”,”jim”) ✔️
D) var txt = new Array=”tim”,”kim”,”jim”

6-What does the <noscript> tag do?
A) Enclose text to be displayed by non-JavaScript browsers. ✔️
B) Prevents scripts on the page from executing.
C) Describes certain low-budget movies.
D) None of the above

7-If para1 is the DOM object for a paragraph, what is the correct syntax to change the text within the paragraph?
A) “New Text”?
B) para1.value=”New Text”; ✔️
C) para1.firstChild.nodeValue= “New Text”;
D) para1.nodeValue=”New Text”;

8-JavaScript entities start with_____ and end with ____.
A) Semicolon, colon
B) Semicolon, Ampersand
C) Ampersand, colon
D) Ampersand, semicolon ✔️

9-Which of the following best describes JavaScript?
A) A low-level programming language.
B) A scripting language precompiled in the browser.
C) A compiled scripting language.
D) An object-oriented scripting language. ✔️

10-Choose the server-side JavaScript object?
A) FileUpLoad
B) Function
C) File ✔️
D) Date

11-Choose the client-side JavaScript object?
A) Database
B) Cursor
C) Client
D) File UpLoad ✔️

12-Which of the following is not considered a JavaScript operator?
A) new
B) this ✔️
C) delete
D) typeof

13-_____method evaluates a string of JavaScript code in the context of the specified object.
A) Eval ✔️
B) ParseInt
C) ParseFloat
D) Efloat

14-Which of the following event fires when the form element loses the focus: <button>, <input>, <label>, <select>, <textarea>?
A) onfocus
B) onblur ✔️
C) onclick
D) ondblclick

15-The syntax of Eval is
A) [objectName.]eval(numeriC)
B) [objectName.]eval(string) ✔️
C) [EvalName.]eval(string)
D) [EvalName.]eval(numeriC)

16-Why so JavaScript and Java have similar name?
A) JavaScript is a stripped-down version of Java
B) JavaScript’s syntax is loosely based on Java’s ✔️
C) They both originated on the island of Java
D) None of the above

17-When a user views a page containing a JavaScript program, which machine actually executes the script?
A) The User’s machine running a Web browser ✔️
B) The Web server
C) A central machine deep within Netscape’s corporate offices
D) None of the above

18-____ JavaScript is also called client-side JavaScript.
A) Microsoft
B) Navigator ✔️
C) LiveWire
D) Native

19-_____ JavaScript is also called server-side JavaScript.
A) Microsoft
B) Navigator
C) LiveWire ✔️
D) Native

20-What are variables used for in JavaScript Programs?
A) Storing numbers, dates, or other values ✔️
B) Varying randomly
C) Causing high-school algebra flashbacks
D) None of the above

21-_____ JavaScript statements embedded in an HTML page can respond to user events such as mouse-clicks, form input, and page navigation.
A) Client-side ✔️
B) Server-side
C) Local
D) Native

22-What should appear at the very end of your JavaScript?
The <script LANGUAGE=”JavaScript”>tag
A) The </script> ✔️
B) The <script>
C) The END statement
D) None of the above

23-Which of the following can’t be done with client-side JavaScript?
A) Validating a form
B) Sending a form’s contents by email
C) Storing the form’s contents to a database file on the server ✔️
D) None of the above

24-Which of the following are capabilities of functions in JavaScript?
A) Return a value
B) Accept parameters and Return a value
C) Accept parameters ✔️
D) None of the above

25-Which of the following is not a valid JavaScript variable name?
A) 2names ✔️
B) _first_and_last_names
C) FirstAndLast
D) None of the above

26-_____tag is an extension to HTML that can enclose any number of JavaScript statements.
A) <SCRIPT> ✔️

27-How does JavaScript store dates in a date object?
A) The number of milliseconds since January 1st, 1970 ✔️
B) The number of days since January 1st, 1900
C) The number of seconds since Netscape’s public stock offering.
D) None of the above

28-Which of the following attribute can hold the JavaScript version?
D) None of the above

29-What is the correct JavaScript syntax to write “Hello World”?
A) System.out.println(“Hello World”)
B) println (“Hello World”)
C) document.write(“Hello World”) ✔️
D) response.write(“Hello World”)

30-Which of the following way can be used to indicate the LANGUAGE attribute?
A) <LANGUAGE=”JavaScriptVersion”>
B) <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=”JavaScriptVersion”>
C) <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=”JavaScriptVersion”> JavaScript statements…</SCRIPT> ✔️
D) <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=”JavaScriptVersion”!> JavaScript statements…</SCRIPT>


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