NIELIT M2-R5 O Level Model Paper 5

NIELIT M2-R5 O Level Model Paper 5

121-Page designed in HTML is called a
A) Yellow Page
B) Web Page ✔️
C) Server Page
D) Front Page

122-We can write HTML code using ____. Select appropriate option(s).
A) VLC Media
B) Notepad++ ✔️
C) Microsoft PowerPoint
D) None of these

123-HTML document is saved using ____ extension.
A) .htl
B) .html ✔️
C) .hml
D) .htnl

124-The software that can read and render HTML documents is
A) Server
B) Compiler
C) Interpreter
D) Browser ✔️

125-PCs running Windows 3.x will have ____extension for html pages
A) .htl
B) .html
C) .htm ✔️
D) .hml

126-Which of the following is not an example of browser?
A) Netscape Navigator
B) Microsoft Bing ✔️
C) Mozilla Firefox
D) Opera

127-Who is the primary author of HTML?
A) Brendan Eich
B) Tim Berners-Lee ✔️
C) Web Programmer
D) Google Inc

128-HTML was first proposed in year ___.
A) 1980
B) 1990 ✔️
C) 1995
D) 2000

129-HTML tags are surrounded by ___ brackets
A) Angle ✔️
B) Square
C) Round
D) Curly

130.Opening tag of HTML is called
A) Ending tag
B) Starting tag ✔️
C) Closed tag
D) Pair tags

131-HTML document contain one root tag called ____
B) Title
C) Body
D) HTML ✔️

132-Basic fundamental block is called as___
A) HTML tag ✔️
B) HTML body
C) HTML Attribute
D) HTML Element

133.Pick the odd out
A) Table
D) Form ✔️

134-The first page of a website is called
A) Design ✔️
B) Home page
C) First page
D) Main page

135-The version of HTML is
D) All of these ✔️

136-Which of the following is the correct regarding meta tag in HTML?
A) <meta> … </meta>
B) <meta name = ” ” /> ✔️
C) <metadata> … </metadata>
D) <metadata name = ” ” />

137-Which of the following is correct to set “Black” color as Background of page?
A) <bgcolor = “#000000”> ✔️
B) <body background = “#000000”>
C) <body Background color = “#000000”>
D) All of Above

138-Which of the following is correct to align H1 tag to Right Alignment
A) <h1 align = “right”> … ✔️
B) <h1 alignment = “right”> …
C) <h1 tag align = “right”> … </h1>
D) H1 cannot make Right Alignment

139-Which of the following is correct to change font face in Web Page
A) <font = “font name”> …
B) <font name = “font name”> … </font>
C) <font face = “font name”> … </font> ✔️
D) Font Face cannot change

140-Which of the following is incorrect regarding Logical styles?
A) Code looks like teletype
B) Sample looks like teletype
C) Keyboard looks like teletype
D) Variable looks like teletype ✔️

141-Which of the following is correct character entities for “Copyright” symbol?
A) &#149;
B) &#159;
C) &#169; ✔️
D) &#179;

142-Which tag is used to display Preformatted texts?
A) <pre> … </ pre> ✔️
B) <prefor> … </ prefor>
C) <pre text> … </ pre text>
D) <pre format> … </ pre format>

143-Which is the correct to create an Arabic numeral list
A) <ul type=”1″>
B) <ol type=”1″> ✔️
C) <il type=”1″>
D) <li type=”1″>

144-How to add alternative text for an Image?
A) <img src = “” alternate = “Brand of website” />
B) <img src = “” alt text = “Brand of website” />
C) src = “” alternate text = “Brand of website” />
D) src = “” alt = “Brand of website” /> ✔️

145-How to embedded Audio Files in HTML?
A) <src = “mysong.mid” width = “100” height = “15”> ✔️
B) <embed sound = “mysong.mid” width = “100” height = “15”>
C) <embed audio = “mysong.mid” width = “100” height = “15”>
D) <embed music = “mysong.mid” width = “100” height = “15”>

146-Which of the following is used to create web pages?
A) HTML ✔️
B) C

147-HTML is considered as ___ language
A) Programming Language
B) OOP Language
C) High Level Language
D) Markup Language ✔️

148-HTML language is a set of markup ___
A) Attributes
B) Tags ✔️
C) Sets
D) Groups

149-HTML tags are used to describe document ____
A) Definition
B) Language
C) Content ✔️
D) None of these

150-HTML document can contain
A) Attributes
B) Tags
C) Plain text
D) All of these ✔️