CCC Online Mock Test NIELIT CCC Question Answer

CCC Online Mock Test NIELIT CCC Question Answer



Introduction to Computer & Basic Concepts

  • What is computer: History of Computers, Characteristics Of Computer System, Basic Applications of Computer.
  • Concept of Hardware and Software: Hardware, Software, Application Software, Systems software, Programming Languages, Representation of Data/Information, Concept of Data processing.

Operating Systems Ubuntu

  • Basics of Operating System: Operating system, Basics of popular operating system (UBUNTU LINUX, WINDOWS).
  • The User Interface:Task Bar, Icons, Start Menu, Running an Application.
  • Operating System Simple Setting: Changing System Date And Time, Changing Display Properties, To Add Or Remove A Windows Component, Changing Mouse Properties, Adding and removing Printers, File and Directory Management, Types of files, Summary, Model Questions and Answers.

Elements of Word Processing LibreOffice

  • Word Processing Basics: Opening Word Processing Package, Menu Bar, Using The Help, Using The Icons Below Menu Bar.
  • Opening and Closing Documents: –Opening Documents, Save and Save as, Page Setup, Print Preview, Printing of Documents.
  • Text Creation and manipulation: Document Creation, Editing Text, Text Selection, Cut, Copy and Paste, Font and Size selection, Alignment of Text.
  • Formatting the Text:Paragraph Indenting, Bullets and Numbering, Changing case.
  • Table Manipulation:Draw Table, Changing cell width and height, Alignment of Text in cell, Delete / Insertion of row and column, Border and shading, Summary, Model Questions and Answers.

Spread Sheet LibreOffice Calc

  • Spread Sheet Basics: Introduction, Objectives.
  • Elements of Electronic Spread Sheet:Opening of Spread Sheet, Addressing of Cells, Printing of Spread Sheet, Saving Workbooks.
  • Manipulation of Cells: Entering Text, Numbers and Dates, Creating Text, Number and Date Series, Editing Worksheet Data, Inserting and Deleting Rows, Column, Changing Cell Height and Width.
  • Function and Charts: Using Formulas, Function, Charts, Summary, Model Questions and Answers.
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