Linux Operating System Online MCQ

Linux Operating System Online MCQ

1.Commands directly executed by the shell are called____.
(A) Internal ✔️
(B) external
(C) ((A) and ((B)
(D) binary

2.Binary file are generally executed by the kernel and will generate a____at the time of execution.
(A) Binary id
(B) process id ✔️
(C) command id
(D) All of these

3.Most of the command that we use in Linux are_____command.
(A) Internal
(B) external ✔️
(C) ((A) and ((B)
(D) binary

4.Which command is use to know internal or external we can use the ____command.
(A) type info ✔️
(B) cat info
(C) mkdir info
(D) All of these

5.To know whether a command is internal or external we can use the____command.
(A) Type ✔️
(B) cat
(C) mkdir
(D) cd

6.Which are the best way to start with learning Linux commands?
(A) General purpose commands ✔️
(B) General property command
(C) General public commands
(D) Graphical user commands

7.Which command used to displays the calendar of any specific month or entire year?
(A) calendar
(B) cale
(C) cal ✔️
(D) calc

8.By pressing ____key after typing first few letters of a command, shell automatically provides the remaining information
(A) Enter Key
(B) Shift Key
(C) Ctrl Key
(D) Tab key ✔️

9.Which command displays the calendar of June 2021?
(A) Cal 2021 06
(B) cal 06 2021 ✔️
(C) cal June 2021
(D) cal 2021 June

10.Which command displays the entire year of 2021’s calendar view as single screen page at a time?
(A) cal 2021 | more ✔️
(B) cal 2021 | display
(C) cal 2021 | view
(D) cal 2021 | show

11.Which command displays the calendar of entire year of 2021?
(A) Cal latest
(B) cal year
(C) cal 09
(D) cal 2021 ✔️

12.Which command takes input from the cal command in Linux?
(A) Date
(B) more ✔️
(C) base
(D) sqrt

13.Which command can be used with suitable format specification as arguments?
(A) pwd
(B) man
(C) current
(D) date ✔️

14.In Linux, which command displays current system date and time?
(A) current
(B) now
(C) latest
(D) date ✔️

15.In date command, each format is preceded by____symbol.
(A) + ✔️
(B) –
(C) %
(D) #

16.In Linux, date command display only the current date in format.
(A) dd/mm/yy
(B) mm/dd/yyyy
(C) dd/mm/yyyy
(D) mm/dd/yy ✔️

17._____operator and a single character describing the format.
(A) +
(B) % ✔️
(C) $
(D) #

18.Which command displays only the current date?
(A) date +%D ✔️
(B) date +d
(C) date + “$d”
(D) date +$d

19.___ is the default working directory at the time of log on in system variable.
(C) HOME ✔️

20.In Linux, command line calculator performs.
(A) Number of scientific math functions
(B) Conversions between diff. number system
(C) Run programs
(D) All of these ✔️

21.Which command in Linux is a command line calculator performs.
(A) ac
(B) dc
(C) bc
(D) nc

22.Which type of math functions performs bc command?
(A) Addition, subtraction
(B) multiplication, division, modulus
(C) exponents, sine, cosine, logarithm
(D) All of these ✔️

23.Which function allows user to set numbering system to use for input?
(A) Inputbase
(B) iputbase
(C) ibase ✔️
(D) inbase

24.Which command used to find out the natural logarithm of 2021?
(A) l(2021) ✔️
(B) log(2021)
(C) nlog(2021)
(D) naturallog(2021)

25.Which function allows user to set numbering system to use for output?
(A) outbase
(B) obase ✔️
(C) outputbase
(D) oputbase

26.The importance of be calculator over graphical calculator_____.
(A) Speed
(B) flexibility
(C) power to perform math operation
(D) All of these ✔️

27.Which function used to find out the square root of 9?
(A) s(9)
(B) sq(9)
(C) sqrt(9) ✔️
(D) sqroot

28.Which command used to return the command prompt?
(A) Ctrl + d ✔️
(B) ctrl + e
(C) ctrl + c
(D) ctrl + r

29.Which command used to display value of variable?
(A) echo ✔️
(B) each
(C) print
(D) shell

30.Which command used to display a message on the terminal?
(A) echo ✔️
(B) each
(C) print
(D) shell

31.Which symbol represents a variable?
(A) $ ✔️
(B) @
(C) !
(D) *

32.Back quotes available on key with_____sign.
(A) $
(B) ~ ✔️
(C) !
(D) *

33.Which command used along with other commands to give meaningful output?
(A) echo ✔️
(B) each
(C) print
(D) shell

34.Which command used to change the password of the current login account?
(A) Password
(B) pword
(C) passwd ✔️
(D) psd

35.Which command used use to remove data on the screen?
(A) clear ✔️
(B) delete
(C) remove
(D) clear screen

36.Which command used to change the password of other user of the system by specifying the nimesh(username) after the passwd ?
(A) password nimesh
(B) pword nimesh
(C) passwd nimesh ✔️
(D) passwd nimesh

37.Linux provide two inbuilt command namely____and___to assist the user while working on the command line interface.
(A) Help, get
(B) help, man ✔️
(C) help, assist
(D) get, man

38._____command gives us exhaustive information of a command and may run into multiple screens.
(A) man ✔️
(B) help
(C) –man
(D) –helps

39.Which is correct to get help on the mv command using Linux online manuals?
(A) mv –help ✔️
(B) mv –get
(C) mv help
(D) mv –helps

40.Press____key to scroll down the content.
(A) f
(B) shift
(C) Enter ✔️
(D) q

41.Which key is used to take you to the command prompt?
(A) f
(B) shift
(C) Enter
(D) q ✔️

42.Which command activates manual corresponding to a specific command?
(A) Look
(B) Locate
(C) search
(D) man

43.Which command is used to get small description of a command?
(A) whatis ✔️
(B) man
(C) helpr
(D) all of these

44.In a situation when exact command is not known,_____command can be used.
(A) apropos ✔️
(B) man
(C) helpr
(D) all of these

45.Which command is used to get one line explanation of the command and omits any additional information?
(A) whatis ✔️
(B) man
(C) helpr
(D) all of these

46.In Linux______is a special type of file that contains files and other directories?
(A) folder
(B) directory ✔️
(C) file
(D) command

47.When user log on the system, Linux automatically places in which directory?
(A) base
(B) right
(C) recent
(D) home ✔️

48.Who represent an information entity, which can be used for variety of purpose?
(A) folder
(B) command
(C) file ✔️
(D) all of these

49. ______Directory is created by the system when user account is opened.
(A) Home directory ✔️
(B) Base directory
(C) Recent directory
(D) working directory

50._____path name is simply a sequence of directory names separated by slash.
(A) user
(B) Absolute ✔️
(C) Base
(D) Home