Linux Operating System Online Test

Linux Operating System Online Test

1.Which window provides the look and response of a dedicated text monitor a graphical display?
(A) Term window
(B) Terminal window ✔️
(C) Term shell window
(D) Test window

2.Which window is there in Linux for opening command line console in Linux graphical interface?
(A) Test window
(B) Term window
(C) Terminal window ✔️
(D) Term shell window

3.To open a terminal window, select _.
(A) Start/ Accessories/ Terminal
(B) Application/ Accessories /Term window
(C) Application/ Terminal window
(D) Applications / Accessories / Terminal ✔️

4.The command that have a binary file explicitly stored either
(A) /sbin,/usr/sbin
(B) /usr/bin ,/bin
(C) /usr/local/bin
(D) All of these ✔️

5.______ types of interfaces are important.
(A) Command & Graphical ✔️
(B) command & file
(C)Graphical & user
(D) Graphical & folder

6.To open a terminal window, press _.
(A) Ctrl + Alt + t ✔️
(B) Ctrl + Alt + p
(C) Shift + Ctrl + t
(D) Ctrl + Alt + k

7.What is the full form of CLI?
(A) Command line interline
(B) Command line interface ✔️
(C) Command line interaction
(D) Command line interchange

8.Which approach, allows us to access the real power of Linux with great understanding, uniformity and efficiency?
(A) Command line interface ✔️
(B) Graphical user interface
(C) Both ((A) & ((B)
(D) none of these

9.What is the full form of GUI?
(A) Graphical used interface
(B) Graphical user interchange
(C) Graphical user interface
(D) Graphical user interface ✔️

10.In Linux, $ and # symbols are known as .
(A) Command line
(B) Command interface
(C) Command user
(D) Command prompt ✔️

11.In command prompt, the first word in the string of characters is username followed by the symbol_____.
(A) #
(B) @
(C) !
(D) $

12.In command prompt, the first word in the string of character is____.
(A) Password
(B) Username ✔️
(C) Directory name
(D) All of these

13. Home directory represented by a____symbol.
(A) #
(B) ~ ✔️
(C) !
(D) $

14.____is a user program or an environment provided for user interaction.
(A) Commands
(B) Graphical
(C) Shell ✔️
(D) Algorithm

15.____is a program that accomplishes certain task.
(A) Algorithm
(B) shell
(C) Flowchart ✔️
(D) commands

16.Which of the following is a command language interpreter?
(A) Algorithm
(B) Shell ✔️
(C) Flow chart
(D) Command

17.Which shells are available on command line interface?
(A) Text
(B) Character
(C) Numerous ✔️
(D) Financial

18.Command language interpreter shell performs____.
(A) Accept / issues command
(B) Understands command
(C) Talks to the kernel to execute it
(D) All of these ✔️

19.Which popular shells available on command line interface?
(A) Bourne shell (sh)
(B) C shell (csh and tcsh)
(C) Korn shell (ksh) & bash shell (sh)
(D) All of these ✔️

20.Which shell is the earliest unix shell used as command line interface?
(A) C shell (csh and tcsh)
(B) Bourne shell (sh) ✔️
(C) Bash shell
(D) korn shell (ksh)

21.Which shell allows us to write a program based solely on commands?
(A) Bourne shell (sh) ✔️
(B) Korn shell (ksh)
(C) C shell (csh and tcsh)
(D) Bash shell (sh)

22.Which shell provides basic mechanisms for shell script programming?
(A) Korn shell (ksh)
(B) Bash shell (sh)
(C) Bourne shell (sh) ✔️
(D) C shell (csh and tcsh)

23.What is the acronym of Bourne shell?
(A) ksh
(B) sh ✔️
(C) csh
(D) tcsh

24.What is the acronym of C shell?
(A) csh
(B) tcsh
(C) Both ((A) and ((B) ✔️
(D) sh

25.What is the acronym of korn shell?
(A) tcsh
(B) csh
(C) sh
(D) ksh ✔️

26.What is the acronym of Base shell?
(A) tcsh
(B) sh ✔️
(C) csh
(D) ksh

27.Shell programming can be done using____programming syntax.
(A) C ✔️
(C) Java script
(D) all of these

28.Which shell was developed to use C programming syntax.
(A) Korn shell (ksh)
(B) Bash shell (sh)
(C) Bourne shell (sh)
(D) C shell (csh) ✔️

29.Which is the newer version of csh ?
(A) bcsh
(B) kchs
(C) tchs
(D) dchs

30.Which shell was developed to combine the features of the sh and csh ?
(A) Korn shell (ksh) ✔️
(B) Bash shell (sh)
(C) Bourne shell (sh)
(D) C shell (csh)

31.Which shell provides additional shell script programming features to add the limitations of csh ?
(A) ksh
(B) tchs ✔️
(C) sh
(D) pdksh

32.Which is the newer version of bourne shell?
(A) Bosh shell
(B) C shell
(C) Korn shell
(D) Bash shell ✔️

33.Which is considered to be the standard shell for Linux systems?
(A) Bash shell ✔️
(B) Korn shell
(C) C shell
(D) Bourne shell

34.Bash shell allows_____.
(A) Account configuration
(B) For easier and sophisticated command
(C) Shell scripted command
(D) All of these ✔️

35.Which shell is commonly used and available on all Linux operating system?
(A) Bourne shell
(B) C shell
(C) Korn shell
(D) Bash shell ✔️

36.Which command used to find all available shells in system?
(A) cat / etc / shell
(B) cat /etc/shells ✔️
(C) cat / atc / shell
(D) cat / atc / shells

37._____is to execute it and display result as per given instruction.
(A) kernel ✔️
(B) shell
(C) command
(D) Bash shell

38.Linux is_____sensitive.
(A) Case ✔️
(B) Command
(C) User

39.In Linux, the value of current default shell is stored in environment variable named____.
(A) Shall
(B) Shell ✔️
(C) Show
(D) Source

40.Linux operating system comes with certain.
(A) Algorithm
(B) Program
(C) Variable ✔️
(D) All of these

41.Which command is use to determining the default shell?
(A) echo SHELL
(B) echo $SHELL
(C) echo $shell ✔️
(D) Shell

42.To return default shell, type exit or press___at the command prompt of new shell.
(A) Ctrl + d ✔️
(B) Ctrl + p
(C) Ctrl + s
(D) Ctrl + r

43.The syntax of Linux commands consists of____parts.
(A) Two
(B) Three ✔️
(C) Four
(D) Five

44.Which command used to display the value of any variable?
(A) echo ✔️
(B) path
(C) man
(D) cat

45.What is the syntax of Linux commands?
(A) Name
(B) options
(C) Argument
(D) All of these ✔️

46.Which key execute the command in Linux?
(B) Enter ✔️
(C) Tab
(D) Ctrl + Enter

47.In Linux, command name followed by necessary.
(A) Options
(B) Arguments
(C) Both A & B ✔️
(D) none of these

48.Option when present starts with a ____ and are usually a single letter or a digit.
(A) #
(B) $
(C) %
(D) – ✔️

49.Linux command as___or____.
(A) Internal
(B) external
(C) ((A) and ((B) ✔️
(D) binary

50.Linux command can be classified into____.
(A) 1
(B) 2 ✔️
(C) 3
(D) 4