NEET MCQ for Chemistry 8

NEET MCQ for Chemistry 8

Q.1.Elements after actinium is called
A) Lanthanides
B) Actinides
C) D-block elements
D) P block elements

Q.2.CNG stands for
A) Compressed Natural Gas
B) Cyclic Natural Gas
C) Composite Natural Gas
D) Combined Natural Gas

Q.3.SN1 reaction of alkyl halides lead to
A) Retention of configuration
B) Racemisation
C) Inversion of configuration
D) None of these

Q.4.The most stable carbocation is
A) 3° Carbocation
B) 2° Carbocation
C) 1° Carbocation
D) None of the above

Q.5.Which of the following phenomenon is considered responsible for Global Warming?
A) Greenhouse effect
B) Fire in coal mines
C) Dry farming
D) Monsoon

Q.6.Which of the following is a disproportionation reaction?
A) Aldol Condensation
B) Cannizzaro reaction
C) Mannich reaction
D) Wittig reaction

Q.7.Nature of metal oxides are
A) Acidic
B) Basic
C) Neutral
D) All of these

Q.8.The gas used in the manufacture of vanaspati from vegetable oil is
A) Hydrogen
B) Oxygen
C) Nitrogen
D) Carbon dioxide

Q.9.The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit is
A) Ethylene
B) Ethane
C) Carbon dioxide
D) Acetylene

Q.10.The number of d-electrons in Fe2+ (Z = 26) is not equal to that of
A) P-electrons in Ne(Z=10)
B) S-electrons in Mg (Z = 12)
C) D-electrons in Fe (Z = 26)
D) P-electrons in CI (Z = 17)

Q.11.The most electropositive elements among the following is
A) Na
В) Ca
C) K
D) Cs

Q.12.Equal masses of oxygen, hydrogen and methane are kept under identical conditions. The ratio of the volumes of gases will be
A) 2:16:2
B) 2:16:1
C) 1:16:2
D) 1:1:1

Q.13.Which among the following is an ionic solid?
A) Diamond
B) Dry ice
C) Table salt
D) All are ionic solids

Q.14.Calcium Magnesium Silicate is commonly called as ____
A) Asbestos
B) Borax
C) Baking Soda
D) Washing Soda

Q.15.In which of the following Mercury is a constituent?
A) Cinnabar
B) Chile saltpeter
C) Calamine
D) Gold

Q.16.Water at 4 degree centigrade has__?
A) Minimum density
B) Maximum density
C) No density
D) None of the above

Q.17.Which of the following group characterizes alcohols?
A) OH group
B) COOH group
C) COO group
D) CO group

Q.18.Which one of the following is used as an explosive?
A) Phosphorus trichloride
B) Mercuric oxide
C) Graphite
D) Nitroglycerine

Q.19.Which is not a type of elements?
A) Metals
B) Non Metals
C) Metalloids
D) Gases

Q.20.Which acid is present in lemon?
A) Marlic acid
B) Citric acid
C) Lactic acid
D) Tartaric acid

Q.21.What is hottest part of the gas flame is called?
A) Blue zone
B) Luminous zone
C) Dark zone
D) Non-luminous zone

Q.22.Which among the following is an organic mineral?
A) Amber
B) Hornblende
C) Angite
D) Analcime

Q.23.Which element found in all organic compounds?
A) Carbon
B) Nitrogen
C) Calcium
D) None of them

Q.24.For respiration in deep sea, divers use mixture of
A) Oxygen and helium
B) Oxygen and hydrogen
C) Oxygen and carbon dioxide
D) Oxygen, Helium & nitrogen

Q.25.Pearl is mainly made up of which among the following?
A) Protein
B) Calcium Carbonate
C) Silica
D) Sodium Carbonate

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