NEET MCQ for Chemistry 9

NEET MCQ for Chemistry 9

Q.1.Which among the following is the most reactive?
A) Cl2
B) Br2
C) I2
D) IC1

Q.2.Which of the following is not correct regarding terylene?
A) Step growth polymer
B) Synthetic fiber
C) Also called Dacron
D) Thermosetting plastic

Q.3.The correct order of increasing acidic strength is______.
A) Phenol <Ethanol < Chloroacetic acid < Acetic acid
B) Ethanol <Phenol <Chloroacetic acid <Acetic acid
C) Ethanol <Phenol <Acetic acid <Chloroacetic acid
D) Chloroacetic acid <Acetic acid <Phenol <Ethanol

Q.4.Identify the wrong sequence of the elements in a group
A) Ca, Br, Ba
B) Cu, Ag, Au
C) N, P, As
D) CI, Br, I

Q.5.If travelling at same speeds, which of the following matter waves have the shortest wavelength
A) Electron
B) Alpha particle
C) Neutron
D) Proton

Q.6.Fog is a solution of
A) Air in water vapors
B) Air in air
C) Vapors in vapors
D) Water vapors in air

Q.7.The increasing order of nucleophilicity would be
A) C1-<Br-<I-
B) I-<C1-<Br
C) Br-<C1<F-
D) I-<Br-<C1-

Q.8.Rate law for the reaction A + 2B? C is found to be:
Rate = k [A][B
concentration of reactant ‘B’ is doubled, keeping the concentration of ‘A’ constant, the value of rate constant will be
A) The same
B) Doubled
C) Quadrupled
D) Halved

Q.9.The reagent used in Wittig reaction is
A) Phosphene
B) Triphenyl phosphonium (Phosphorane)
C) Ether
D) KMnO4

Q.10.Glucose on oxidation with Br2 (aq) gives
A) Gluconic acid
B) Tartaric acid
C) Sachharic acid
D) Meso-oxalic acid

Q.11.Which polymer is used in the manufacture of paints and lacquers?
A) Bakelite
B) Glyptal
C) Polypropene
D) Poly vinyl chloride

Q.12.Arrange the following carbocations in the order of increasing stability
A) Benzyl > 30 > 20 > 10
B) Benzyl > 10 > 20 > 30
C) 30 > 20 > 10 > Benzyl
D) 10 > 20 > 30 > Benzyl

Q.13.Sodium salt of an organic acid ‘X’ produces effervescence with conc. H2SO4. ‘X’ reacts with the acidified aqueous CaCl2 solution to give a white precipitate which decolourises acidic solution of KMnO4. ‘X’ is
D) Na2C2O4

Q.14.Which of the following methods is suitable for preventing an iron frying pan from Rusting?
A) Applying paint
B) Applying grease
C) Applying a coating of zinc.
D) All of the above.

Q.15.The molecule which has the highest percentage of ionic character among the following is
D) HBr

Q.16.During a chemical reaction, the sum of the masses of the reactants and products remains unchanged. This is known as the:
A) Law of molar masses
B) Law of Conservation of Mass
C) Law of definite proportions.
D) Law of indefinite proportions.

Q.17.Chlorination is a process used for water purification. The disinfecting action of chlorine is mainly due to.
A) The formation of hydrochloric acid when chlorine is added to water.
B) The formation of hypochlorous acid when chlorine is added to water.
C) The formation of nascent oxygen when chlorine is added to water.
D) The formation of hydrogen when chlorine is added to water.

Q.18.All acids contain____
A) H-
B) H+
C) N+
D) N-

Q.19.The metal does not give H2 on treatment with dilute HCL is
A) Zn
B) Fe
C) Ag
D) Ca

Q.20.The main chemical constituent of the oil of cardamom which is responsible for flavour of this oil is
A) Cineole
B) Engenol
C) Geraniol
D) Limonene

Q.21.With reference to the uses of washing soda.
1. Washing soda is used in glass, paper and soap industries.
2. It is not used in the manufacture of Borax
3. It can be used as a cleaning agent.
4. It is unable for removing permanent hardness of water.
Choose the correct options:
A) 1, 2 and 3
B) 2 and 3
C) 3 only
D) 1 and 3 only

Q.22.What is the maximum number of electrons the second energy level can hold?
A) 6
B) 8
C) 4
D) 2

Q.23.Which among the following is the unit of the scale used for measurement of the spicy heat of a chili pepper?
A) Smith
B) Wright
C) Orville
D) Scoville

Q.24.For respiration in deep sea, divers use mixture of:
A) Oxygen and helium
B) Oxygen and hydrogen
C) Oxygen and carbon dioxide
D) Oxygen, Helium & nitrogen

Q.25.Which among the following is incorrect regarding the chemical nature of Diamond & Graphite?
A) Density of Diamond is higher than that of Graphite
B) Diamond is chemically unreactive while graphite is mild reactive
C) Both Diamond and Graphite are good conductors of electricity
D) None of the above

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