NEET MCQ for Physics 14

NEET MCQ for Physics 14

Q.1.The binding energy per nucleon is almost constant for many nuclei. It shows that nuclear forces are
A) Charge independent
B) Saturated in nature
C) Short range in nature
D) Attractive in nature

Q.2.Specific heat ratio of air at 300K is equal to
A) 1.00
B) 1.4
C) 1
D) 0.718

Q.3.A solenoid is connected to a battery so that a steady current flows through it. If an iron core is inserted into the solenoid, the current will
A) Increase
B) Decrease
C) Remain same
D) First increase then decrease

Q.4.The incorrect statement is
A) All simple harmonic motions have fixed time period
B) All motion having same time period are simple harmonic motion
C) ln simple harmonic motion total energy is proportional to square of amplitude
D) Phase constant of simple harmonic motion depends upon initial conditions

Q.5.When the number of nucleons in nuclei increases, the binding energy per nucleon numerically
A) Increases continuously with mass number.
B) Decreases continuously with mass number.
C) First increases and then decreases with increase of mass number.
D) Remains constant with mass number.

Q.6.Who was the inventor of lightning conductor?
A) Benjamin Franklin
B) Einstein
C) Lord Lister
D) Graham Bell

Q.7.When air is replaced by a dielectric medium of constant K, the maximum force of attraction between two charges separated by a distance
A) Increases k times
B) Remains unchanged
C) Decreases k times
D) Increases K-1 times

Q.8.In hydrogen like atom electron makes transition from an energy level with quantum number n to another with quantum number (n – 1). If n >> 1, the frequency of radiation emitted is proportional to
A) 1/n
B) 1/n2
C) 1/n3/2
D) 1/n3

Q.9.Assuming human pupil to have a radius of 0.25 cm and a comfortable viewing distance of 25 cm, the minimum separation between two objects that human eye can resolve at 500 nm wavelength is
A) 1um
B) 30 um
C) 100m
D) 300 um

Q.10.The current voltage relation of diode is given by I = (e 1000V/T – 1) mA, where the applied voltage V is in volts and the temperature T is in degree Kelvin. If a student makes an error measuring + 0.01 V while measuring the current of 5 mA at 300 K, what will be the error in the value of current in mA?
A) 0.5 mA
B) 0.05 mA
C) 0.2 mA
D) 0.02 mA

Q.11.A Small lead ball is falling freely in a viscous liquid. Its velocity–
A) Will increase
B) Will decrease
C) First increases then it will become constant
D) Will remain constant

Q.12.An electrical fuse is used to interrupt excessive___?
A) Voltage
B) Current
C) Resistance
D) Inductance

Q.13.Which among the following is the science dealing with Colors?
A) Optics
B) Chromatics
C) Ophthalmology
D) Otology

Q.14.What is the mean value of g at earth’s surface?
A) 0.98 Meter Per Second
B) 9.8 Meter Per Second
C) 9.8 Meter Per Second square
D) 0.98 Meter Per Second square

Q.15.Albert Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize for his path-breaking research and formulation of the:
A) Theory of Relativity
B) Laws of Photo-Electric Effect
C) Principle of Wave-Particle Duality
D) Theory of Critical Opalescence

Q.16.The television technology in which a new form of light-emitting crystals which can be printed onto flexible plastic sheets to produce a paper-thin display that can be rolled up and carried in a pocket is:
C) Pixel Plus
D) Slingbox

Q.17.The combination of a Red Glass Plate and a Blue Glass plate will transmit which of the following light?
A) Red light
B) Blue Light
C) Green Light
D) No Light

Q.18.Magnetism at the centre of a bar magnet is
A) Minimum
B) Maximum
C) Zero
D) Minimum or maximum

Q.19.Chandrashekhar Limit, postulated by Dr S. Chandra Shekhar posts a limit of mass of which among the following?
A) Neutron Star
B) White Dwarf
C) Stellar Black Hole
D) Young stellar object

Q.20.Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named
A) Fermi
B) Angstrom
C) Newton
D) Tesla

Q.21.RADAR is used for
A) Locating submerged submarines
B) Receiving a signals in a radio receiver
C) Locating geostationary satellites
D) Detecting and locating the position of objects such as aeroplanes

Q.22.Optical fiber works on the
A) Principle of refraction
B) Total internal reflection
C) Scattering
D) Interference

Q.23.The Indian scientist who won Nobel Prize for Physics is
A) M.N. Saha
B) C.V. Raman
C) H.J. Bhabha
D) J.C. Bose

Q.24.Modulus of rigidity of a liquid is
A) 0
B) 1
C) Infinity
D) Any non-zero value

Q.25.A person exerts maximum pressure on the ground only when he
A) Lies down
B) Sits down
C) Is standing on one leg
D) Is standing on both legs

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