NEET MCQ for Physics 15

NEET MCQ for Physics 15

Q.1.A capacitance of 2uF is required in an electrical circuit across a potential difference of 1 KV. A large number of 1 uF capacitors are available which can withstand a potential difference of not more than 300 V. The minimum number of capacitors required to achieve this is :
A) 24
B) 32
C) 2
D) 16

Q.2.Heat capacity of a body is Infinite. It implies that
A) Body absorbs heat
B) Body rejects heat
C) Temperature of the body remains constant on supplying heat to it
D) None of the above

Q.3.A light year is a measure of:
A) Speed
B) Velocity
C) Distance 
D) Time

Q.4.The period of oscillation of simple pendulum is T=L 2π √L/g. measured value of L is 20.0 cm known to 1 mm accuracy and time for 100 oscillations of the pendulum is found to be 90 s using wrist watch of 1 s resolution. The accuracy in the determination of g is
A) 2%
B) 3%
C) 1%
D) 5%

Q.5.If radius of earth’s orbit becomes one-fourth then duration of one year will be
A) 8 times
B) 4 times
C) %4 times
D) 1/8 times

Q.6.Which of the following is wrongly matched?
A) Humidity – Calorimeter
B) Coulomb’s law – Charges
C) Barometer – Pressure
D) Lactometer – Milk

Q.7.Equipotential surfaces
A) Are closer in regions of large electric fields compared to regions of lower electric fields.
B) Will be more crowded near sharp edges of a conductor.
C) Will always be equally spaced.
D) Both (A) and (B) are correct.

Q.8.In a Wheatstone bridge if the battery and galvanometer are interchanged then the deflection in galvanometer will
A) Change in previous direction
B) Not change
C) Change in opposite direction
D) None of these.

Q.9.Which one of the following is correct statement about magnetic forces?
A) Magnetic forces always obey Newton’s third law.
B) Magnetic forces do not obey Newton’s third law.
C) For very high current, magnetic forces obey Newton’s third law.
D) Inside low magnetic field, magnetic forces obey Newton’s third law.

Q.10.Which of following statements is not true?
A) Resistance of an intrinsic semiconductor decreases with increase in temperature.
B) Doping pure Si with trivalent impurities gives p-type semiconductor.
C) The majority carriers in n-type semiconductor are holes.
D) AP-n junction can act as semiconductor diode.

Q.11.Surface tension of a liquid
A) Increases with area
B) Decreases with area
C) Increases with temperature
D) Decreases with temperature

Q.12.Which of the following pairs have same dimensions?
A) Angular momentum and work
B) Torque and work
C) Energy and Young’s modulus
D) None of these

Q.13.The magnitude of resultant of two equal forces is equal to the magnitude of either force The angle in degrees) between forces is
A) 45
B) 60
C) 120
D) 180

Q.14.Centre of mass of a body
A) Always lies at a geometrical centre
B) Always lies inside the body
C) Always lies outside the body
D) It may be inside or outside the body

Q.15.A device which is used to limit the current in an electrical circuit is called a –
A) Grid
B) Fuse 
C) Hub
D) Conductor

Q.16.Consider the following comparisons between the Resourcesat-1 and Resourceset-2:
The Resourceset-2 will be able to collect data from a wider strip of the Earth’s surface
The Resourceset -2 will provide remote sensing data services for entire globe, in contrast with some selected area by Resourcesat-1
The Resourcesat-2 has been launched with additional payload known as AIS (Automatic Identification System) from COMDEV, Canada as an experimental payload for ship surveillance in VHF band
Which among the above statement is/are correct?
A) Only 1 is correct
B) Only 2 is correct
C) 1 & 3 are correct
D) 2 & 3 are correct

Q.17.Which among the following is also known as Dog Star?
A) Alpha Centauri
B) Proxima centauri
C) Sirius
D) Aludra

Q.18.Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is used in fancy electronic devices such as toys emit
A) X-rays
B) Ultraviolet light
C) Visible light
D) Radio waves

Q.19.Which of the following statements is incorrect about a Plane Mirror?
A) The focal length of a plane mirror is infinity
B) Its optical power is one
C) It forms a virtual image of a real object
D) It is used in constructing periscope

Q.20.Large astronomical telescopes always use as objective
A) lens
B) Mirror
C) Combinations of lenses
D) None of the above

Q.21.Which among the following waves are used in the gemstone industry to change white topaz into blue topaz?
A) X-Rays
B) Gamma Rays
C) Alpha Radiation
D) Beta Radiation

Q.22.An electrical fuse is used to interrupt excessive?
A) Voltage
B) Current
C) Resistance
D) Inductance

Q.23.Which among the following is the correct statement about Black Ice?
A) It is the product of the freezing of water droplets in highly polluted air
B) It is the thin transparent layer of ice made up usually on roads and pavement
C) It is the solid Carbon Dioxide
D) It is the frozen water of a highly polluted river

Q.24.Which among the following is the most acceptable range of LEO (Low Earth orbit)?
A) 350 – 2,600 kms
B) 200-2000 kms
C) 160 – 2,000 kms
D) 160-1600 kms

Q.25.Ohm is a unit of measuring__________?
A) Resistance
B) Voltage
C) Current
D) None of the above

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