NIELIT M4-R5 O Level Model Paper

NIELIT M4-R5 O Level Model Paper

Q.1. Each question below gives a multiple choice of answers. 

1.1. Which of the following is not a standard protocol used in IoT domain.
(A) Wi-Fi
(B) Z-wave
(C) Zigbee
(D) LoMe

1.2. To easily interface add-on modules with Arduino we can use
(A) General PCB
(B) Connectivity circuit boards
(C) Arduino Shields
(D) Other high-end Arduino boards

1.3. Botnet is often used to launch…….attack
(A) DoS
(B) DDoS
(C) Brute force
(D) Passive

1.4. Which of the following is not a main element of IoT
(A) People
(B) Process
(C) Security
(D) Things

1.5. With respect to the body language, the handshake conveys the confidence is
(A) Firm
(B) Limp
(C) Loose
(D) Incomplete knowledge

1.6. Which symbol is used in Arduino to calculate Modulo
(A)  #
(B) $
(C)  %

1.7. The IIoT stands for
(A) Indepth Internet of T
(B) Innovative Internet of Things
(C) Industrial Internet of Things
(D) Information Internet of Things

1.8. Which of the following communication medium supports highest data rate?
(A) Optical Fiber
(B) Wi-Fi
(C) Ethernet
(D) Bluetooth

1.9. Microcontroller used in Arduino UNO prototyping board is
(A) ATmega328m
(B) ATmega328p
(C) ATmega2560
(D) ATmega356p

1.10. The default method(s) in Arduino program is/are
(A) Only loop ()
(B) Only setup ()
(C) Setup () and loop ()
(D) Can be either loop () or setup ()

Q.2. Each statement below is either TRUE or FALSE. 

2.1. Mirai botnet attack was originated from IoT cameras. F

2.2. Microprocessor has only processing capability, no serial interface or interrupts are available. T

2.3. Ohms law calculates the power consumed by an electrical appliance. T

2.4. Arduino program statement for generating one second delay is – delay (100); F

2.5. IIoT targets applications related to health and fitness. T

2.6. Stress is an emotional reaction to physical and psychological demands. F
2.7. In ATmega328p, p stands for picoPower. T

2.8. Time management is primarily creating an environment conducive to effectiveness.

2.9. Capacitor blocks AC and allows DC to pass through. F

2.10. The total resistance of resistor is low when connected in series. T

Q.3. Match words and phrases in column X with the closest related meaning of word(s)/phrase(s) in column Y. 

3.1Function  called  once  in  Arduino program  (E)A.Windows
3.2Analog  Write  method  in  Arduino UNO accepts value range    (J)B.Linux
3.3Program written in Arduino IDE     (K)C. //
3.4Analog  Read  method  in  Arduino UNO returns value range   (F)D.6
3.5Default boot loader for Arduino (G)E.Setup()
3.6Open source Operating System   (B)F.0-1023
3.7The term ‘IoT’ was coined in  (I)G.Optiboot
3.8Single line comment     (C)H.Grapevine
3.9Informal Communication   (H)I.1999
3.10PWM pins in Arduino UNO (D)J.0-255

Q.4. Each statement below has a blank space to fit one of the word(s) or phrase(s) in the list below. 

AFog ComputingBMaskCLilypad
DMassimo BanziEAnalogFMicroprocessor
GKevin AshtonHReportIMirai

4.1 ….C…board of Arduino family can be used to sewn into clothing

4.2 The term Internet of Things was first coined by….G…..

4.3   Analog Write method is used for….J…pins in Arduino.

4.4 Modern PC has…F…as main component in CPU.

4.5 … designed to launch botnet attacks from IoT.

4.6 The founder of Arduino project is…D……

4.7A….is medium weighted extension of cloud computing in IoT domain.

4.8 The statement describing what has happened is called…H….              

4.9 L…IC contains memory, input-output peripherals along with processing capability.

4.10 Personality is derived from Latin word – persona meaning….B… 


5. Briefly explain the following (Any three):
(a) Microcontroller
(b) OSI Model
(c) Stress management
(d) Etiquettes & manners
(e) Botnet

(a) Explain the different functional blocks in a IoT ecosystem?
(b) Discuss the role of digital, analog and PWM pin in Arduino UNO?

(a) What are Things in IoT domain? what is meant by connected things.
(b) Write a C program to depict an IoT uses where LED is switched ON once the button is pressed and released and next time button is pressed and released, the LED is switched OFF

(a) What are the determinants of personality? Explain motivation and self-esteem in detail.
(b) Write a C program to interface DHT sensor and LED. The program will switch ON LED once the temperature rises above 25 degrees?

(a) What is a sensor? Explain its working with example.
(b) What are the different communication modes available to connect things in an IoT domain?
(c)  What is the role of setup method in an Arduino program?

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