Nielit O Level MCQ Web Designing and Publishing

Nielit O Level MCQ Web Designing and Publishing

241-What application can one create even before the introduction of HTML5?
A) Web applications
B) Mobile applications
C) Forms ✔️
D) Browser based games

242-What is the correct syntax of doctype in HTML5?
A) <!doctype html> ✔️
B) <doctype html!>
C) <doctype html>
D) </doctype html>

243-What if one does not use the doctype in the starting of HTML document?
A) Browser finds the document in quirky mode ✔️
B) Browser finds a document in standard mode
C) Browser stops working
D) Browser crashes after showing the page

244-Which of the following is not semantic element for text in HTML5?
A) <mark>
B) <time>
C) <wbr>
D) <article> ✔️

245-Which tag supports Non-English language?
A) <input>
B) <audio>
C) <embed>
D) <bdo> ✔️

246-Which element was not removed by HTML5?
A) <strike>
B) <center>
C) <small> ✔️
D) <big>

247-Which of the following defines the title of a work?
A) <cite> ✔️
B) <hr>
C) <a>
D) <address>

248-Which element is design to wrap a single piece of information?
A) <time> ✔️
B) <nav>
C) <footer>
D) <header>

249-What an article element should not contain?
A) Main element ✔️
B) Text or embedded content
C) Image
D) Video & Audio

250-Which of the following statement is true?
A) Canvas Contains built-in animations
B) SVG needs scripts to draw elements
C) In canvas, drawing is done with pixels ✔️
D) SVG don’t support to event handlers

251-What does <main> include?
A) Header
B) Sidebar
C) Article ✔️
D) Footer

252-Which of the following is not sectioning elements?
A) <article>
B) <aside>
C) <nav>
D) <header> ✔️

253-How many times can HTML5 events be fired?
A) Multiple ✔️
B) One
C) Only two
D) Zero

254-Which element is used to get highlighted text in HTML5?
A) <highlight>
B) <b>
C) <mark> ✔️
D) <u>

255-<p>This is the example.<mark> I like this dog. </mark></p>
Output: This is the example. I like this dog. 1. In OSI model USB lies under the layer _____
A) Data Link layer
B) Physical layer ✔️
C) Network layer
D) Transport layer

256-Which of the following allows user to view a webpage?
A) Operating System
B) Website
C) Interpreter
D) Internet Browser ✔️

257-What is DOM?
A) Hierarchy of objects in ASP.NET
B) Application programming interface
C) Convention for representing and interacting with objects in html documents ✔️
D) Language dependent application programming

258-<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=8″> is used to ____
A) Make web page compatible only with IE8
B) Mimic behaviour of IE8 ✔️
C) Make web page incompatible only with IE8
D) Make web page compatible with IE7 and IE8

259-Which one of the following is an open source JavaScript library that enables styling for HTML5 elements in versions of Internet Explorer before IE 9 ?
B) HTML5 Shiv ✔️
C) HTML5 Shim
D) HTML5 Sham

260-Which one of the following is not a step to install a library you need to perform the compatibility in browsers?
A) Download the library from the github location
B) Uncompress the file
C) Insert the following code inside the head tag
D) None of the mentioned ✔️

261-Which property is used to detect the browser’s user agent and code based on the pertinent cases?
A) navigator.userAgent ✔️
B) navigator.user
C) navigator
D) return

262-Some users have requested tests for IE’s float double margin bug, and support for position:fixeD) Which API is suitable for them?
A) mq() media Plugin API
B) addTest() Plugin API ✔️
C) testAllProps() Plugin API
D) None of the mentioned

263- ____ is an open source JavaScript library that allows support for different levels of experiences based on the capabilities of each browser.
A) Navigator
B) Modernizr ✔️
C) Geolocation
D) Google API

264- ____ allows you to add custom styles to the document and test an element afterwards.
A) hasEvent()
B) testAllProps()
C) testProp()
D) modernizr.testStyles()✔️

265-Modernizr does actually add missing functionalities to browsers save for the HTML5 tags styling support.
A) True
B) False ✔️

266-_____ is used to test whether geolocation is supported in old browsers.
A) Modernizr
B) Modernizr.geolocation
C) Navigator.userAgent ✔️
D) Modernizr.js

267-____ is a resource loader (CSS and JavaScript) that was made to specifically to work side-by-side with Modernizr.
A) HasEvent()
B) Navigator.userAgent
C) Modernizr.load ✔️
D) Modernizer.geolocation

268-In case we want to implement a JavaScript fallback, we would need to create a conditional statement using Modernizr.
A) True ✔️
B) False

269-Which feature was already introduced before HTML5?
A) Canvas/SVG
B) Video
C) Geolocation
D) Frames ✔️

270-Which tag is used with JavaScript?
A) <canvas> ✔️
B) <table>
C) <article>
D) <footer>