O Level MCQ Web Designing and Publishing

O Level MCQ Web Designing and Publishing

211-We can define ___ number of sites with one copy of Dreamweaver installed on our computer.
A) 990
B) 10
C) Only 1
D) Unlimited ✔️

212-What should we add to a template in Dreamweaver in order to control where page content goes?
A) Editable Regions ✔️
B) HTML controllers
C) Frames
D) Content Controllers

213-Blue Griffon is based on _____ rendering engine.
A) WebKit
B) Gecko ✔️
C) Presto
D) Mecko

214-Swapping images in Dreamweaver is best if____
A) The images are the same “Mime” type
B) The images are the same color
C) The images are the same size ✔️
D) You use the “Constrain” tool

215-Choose the inappropriate option with respect to Blue Griffon 1.5.2. Blue Griffon____
A) Includes tools for developing HTML5 pages
B) Abstracts out many css3 effects
C) Supports direct embedding of audio and video files
D) Supports swapping of videos of any length ✔️

216-Maqetta is an open source initiative of the Dojo Foundation to geared towards visual designers through a WYSIWYG user interface.
A) True ✔️
B) False

217-Choose the correct statement.
A) Exo is a cloud-based ide that offers collaboration and developed features
B) Exo does not support java and python
C) Exo does not support JavaScript and html5
D) Exo is a cloud-based ide that offers collaboration and deployment features & its supports JavaScript and html5 ✔️

218-Which of following statement is true?
i. Cloud9 has gained particular interest for its integration with GitHub and Bit Bucket authentication integration and real-time collaboration.
ii. Cloud9 does not account for SSH and FTP access.
A) ii
B) I ✔️
C) i and ii
D) Neither i and ii

219-Which of the following is not a web server?
A) Apache tomcat
B) BlueGriffon ✔️
C) Jetty
D) Tornado

220-Tomcat is an open source web server that provides a servlet container allowing you to run Java code.
A) True ✔️
B) False

221-Which of the following interface is not supported by LightTPD?
A) FastCGI
C) GCGI ✔️

222-Which of the following is not a prepackaged server stack?

223-Which of the following is not a channel of Mozilla?
A) Firefox
B) Firefox alpha ✔️
C) Firefox Beta
D) Firefox Aurora

224-Google Chrome has its own task manager, which allows you to view and manage your memory and CPU usage.
A) True ✔️
B) False

225-Which of the following are automatically loaded and operates as a part of browser?
A) Add-ons
B) Plug-ins ✔️
C) Utilities
D) Widgets

226-Which of the following is the first web browser?
A) Nexus ✔️
B) Netscape Navigator
C) Internet Explorer
D) Mosaic

227-Who created the first web browser
A) Tim Berners Lee ✔️
B) Jacobs, Lan
C) Marc Andeersen
D) Mozilla foundation

228-Nexus is first graphical web browser.
A) True
B) False ✔️

229-The open source software version of Netscape is____
A) Chrome
B) Mozilla ✔️
C) Internet Explorer
D) Erwise

230-Which of the following prints bold letters in traditional HTML?
i. <B>Go boldly</B>
ii. <B>Go boldly</b>
iii. <b>Go boldly</B>
iv. <b>Go boldly</b>
A) iv
B) i
C) i, ii, iii, and iv ✔️
D) Both iv and i

231-XHTML is case insensitive and HTML is case sensitive.
A) True
B) False ✔️

232-What output do you expect if the following markup is rendered?
<strong>T e s t o f s p a c e s</strong><br>
<strong>T e s t &nbsp;o f&nbsp; s p a c e s </strong><br>
A) T e s t o f s p a c e s
T e s t o f s p a c e s
B) Testofspaces
C) T e s t o f s p a c e s ✔️
T e s t o f s p a c e s
D) T e s t o f s p a c e s T e s t o f s p a c e s

233-Which of the following options follows content model in HTML?
<p>Option one </p>
<li>Option two </li>
A) i
B) ii ✔️
C) i and ii
D) Neither i nor ii

234-Which of the following is not an empty element?
A) <hr/>
B) <br/>
C) <p/> ✔️
D) Both <hr/> and <br/>

235-State true or false.
<p></p><p></p><p></p>produces numerous blank lines.
A) True
B) False ✔️

236-Which of the following markup is correct?
i. <b><i>is in error as tags cross</b></i>
ii. <b><i>is not since tags nest</i></b>
A) i
B) ii ✔️
C) i and ii
D) Neither i nor ii

237-Which of the following is not a correct (X)HTML rule?
A) Attributes should be quoted
B) Tags should not nest tag
C) Attribute minimization is forbidden
D) Unknown attributes are not ignored by the browser ✔️

238-Choose the incorrect escape character entity.
A) &gt;
B) &#62;
C) &lt;
D) &st; ✔️

239-Identify the count of mistakes in the following markup.
A) 2
B) 3 ✔️
C) 1
D) 0

240-Which of the following is not an IDE?
A) BlueGriffon 1.5.2
B) Aptana studio 3
C) TextEdit(MaC) ✔️
D) Dreamweaver

241-IDE stands for____
A) Internet Development Environment
B) Integrated Development Environment ✔️
C) Intelligent Development Environment
D) Integrated Developed Environment