Operating System MCQ Questions with Answers

Operating System MCQ Questions with Answers

1.Any files deleted in Windows goes into
(A) Trash can
(B) Recycle bin ✔️
(C) Deleted Files
(D) None of above

2.Which is an internal command?
(A) Scandisk
(C) Deltree ✔️
(D) None of the above

3.Which command is used to delete all the files from root
directory of drive A?
(A) Del a:\
(B) Del *.*
(C) Del A \*.* ✔️
(D) Erase *

4.What does Belady’s Anomaly related to?
(A) Page Replacement Algorithm ✔️
(B) Memory Management Algorithm
(C) Deadlock Prevention Algorithm
(D) Disk Scheduling Algorithm

5.Which command used to delete all files from current directory?
(A) Del
(B) Deltree/y *
(C) Del *.* ✔️
(D) All of the above

6.A ….allows you to write on screen with a digital pen and convert that writing into characters that the PC can process
(A) Monitor RS
(B) Tablet PC ✔️
(C) Database manager
(D) Media Center

7.System files allocated at
(A) Boot area ✔️
(B) FAT area
(C) Data area
(D) Directory

8.Which is not utility program?
(A) Backup
(B) Scandisk
(C) Data recovery
(D) XCOPY ✔️

9.Transforms one interface into other interface
(A) Program
(B) Software ✔️
(C) Data
(D) None

10.Shares characteristics with both hardware and software
(A) Operating System ✔️
(B) Software
(C) Data
(D) None

11.Interface consists of thing like program counter, register, interrupts and terminal
(A) Hardware ✔️
(B) Software
(C) Data
(D) None

12.Which of the following command is used to switch between the window programs?
(A) Alt+Tab ✔️
(B) Alt+F4
(C) Ctrl+Tab
(D) None of the above

13.During the boot process, the looks for the system file
(A) CD
(B) BIOS ✔️

14.To prevent the addition and deletion of files on a disk or tape we use
(A) Format
(B) Write Protect ✔️
(C) Create back up
(D) None of above

15.The My Computer windows include icons that represent the installed on your computer
(A) Disk Drive ✔️
(B) Memory
(D) All of above

16.What are the two types of Semaphore?
(A) Digital Semaphores and Binary Semaphores
(B) Analog Semaphores and Octal Semaphores
(C) Counting Semaphores and Binary Semaphores ✔️
(D) Critical Semaphores and System Semaphores

17.Which of the following resources must be protected by the operating system?
(A) I/O
(B) Memory
(D) All of the Above ✔️

18.What will be the command if you want to copy rdoc file that resides in the floppy disk into work sub-directory of hard disk while you are in C prompt
(A) Copy c:\rdoc a:\work
(B) Copy A:\rdoc ✔️
(C) \work c. Copy rdoc c:\work
(D) Copy c:>work a:\doc

19.The command to display the contents of a file fast.it
(A) TYPE it fast
(B) COPY fast.it CON
(C) COPY CON fast.it
(D) None of Above ✔️

20.Which command is used to combine F1 and F2 file into ne file F3
(A) Copy F1+F2 F3 ✔️
(B) Copy F3 F1+F2
(C) Copy F1+F2+F3
(D) Copy F1 F2+F3

21.Which command is used to copy the contents of one disk to another
(A) Diskcopy ✔️
(B) Delete
(C) Copy con
(D) Ctrl + Alt

22.Who is called a supervisor of computer activity?
(B) OS
(C) Control Unit ✔️
(D) Application Program

23.Which command is used to copy the file myfile.doc from floppy disk to hard disk?
(A) Copy A:\myfile.doc C: ✔️
(B) Copy C:\myfile.doc A:
(C) Copy A:\ C:\myfile.doc
(D) None of the above

24.Font folder is located on
(A) Program folder
(B) Ms Word file
(C) Control Panel Folder ✔️
(D) Desktop folder

25.We can restore the deleted files and folders from
(A) Recycle bin ✔️
(B) My document
(C) Control panel
(D) All of the above

26.From where do you change mouse setting?
(A) Setting >> mouse
(B) Hardware setting
(C) Control Panel >> Mouse ✔️
(D) None of the above

27.Outlook express lets you
(A) Mail Communication ✔️
(B) Internet
(C) Connects to ISP
(D) All of above

28.The enables the user to load devices drivers and programs into upper memory area while running DOS in 386 or higher microprocessor
(A) Himem.sys ✔️
(B) Emm386.exe
(C) Config.sys
(D) All of above

29.Workgroup means
(A) Computer in Network ✔️
(B) Individual user
(C) Connection
(D) All of the above

30.A zip is a program used to
(A) Speed up the computer memory
(B) Speed up the disk access
(C) Compress Files ✔️
(D) All of above

31.Command Interpreter is also known as
(A) Prompt
(B) Shell ✔️
(C) Command
(D) DOS Prompt

32.The core of operating system is:
(A) Unix
(B) Kernel
(C) Command.com ✔️
(D) None of these

33.What should be the extension to execute files?
(D) All of the Above ✔️

34.The memory resident portion of operating system is called the
(A) Registry
(D) Kernel ✔️

35.Part of the POST process is to ensure that the test of essential peripheral device coincides with the hardware configuration that stored in
(B) The hard drive
(C) CMOS ✔️
(D) Cache Memory

36.What is the easiest method to run MS DOS in Windows environment?
(A) My computer
(B) Go to Dos from Start menu
(C) Click on icon on desktop
(D) Type Command in run dialog box ✔️

37.The command fixes the minor errors of the disk
(A) Error.fix
(B) Scandisk
(C) CHKDSK/f ✔️
(D) Defrag

38.Boot startup process
(A) Loads System files to RAM ✔️
(B) Checks the computer connections
(C) Clean up the computer memory
(D) Prepare the computer ready

39.Which is an internal command?
(A) Label
(B) Verify ✔️
(D) All of above

40.The command allows you to show the status of the disk is
(A) Vol
(B) Diskcomp
(D) Defrag

41.Which among the following are the best tools for fixing the errors?
(A) Fdisk
(B) Scandisk ✔️
(D) Fixdisk

42.Which of the following command is an internal command?
(A) Del ✔️
(B) Scandisk
(D) Deltree

43.Which command does not exist in DOS?
(A) Sum ✔️
(C) CD
(D) Dir

44.Which command is not an internal command?
(A) Dir
(B) Edit ✔️
(C) CD

45.To make directory
(B) MKDIR ✔️
(C) CD
(D) All of the above

46.Which of the following memory unit that processor can access more rapidly
(A) Main Memory
(B) Virtual Memory
(C) Cache Memory ✔️
(D) Read Only Memory

47.When you delete file, where it resides?
(A) Briefcase
(B) Recycle bin ✔️
(C) CD
(D) Desktop

48.Which is the system prompt?
(A) c>
(B) C:\>
(C) c:>
(D) None

49.Where you can find the font?
(A) C:\Font
(B) C:\Windows\font ✔️
(C) C:\control panel\font
(D) All of above

50.What will be the output of command prompt $l$p$g
(A) C:/>
(B) <C:\> ✔️
(C) C:<>
(D) None of above

51.If we use the command prompt $P$L which of the following
prompt may be set?
(A) C :\>
(B) C:
(C) C:\
(D) C :\< ✔️

52.Small pictures appear on the desktop
(A) Windows
(B) Icon ✔️
(C) Button
(D) None of above

53.Usually, in MS DOS the primary hard disk drives has the drive letter
(A) A
(B) B
(C) C ✔️
(D) D

54.What are the requirements for the solution to critical section problem?
(A) Mutual Exclusion
(B) Progress
(C) Bounded Waiting
(D) All of Above ✔️

55.A graphical user interface displays
(C)Both of Above ✔️
(D)None of above

56.Which of the following is the system tool?
(A) Backup
(B) Disk defragmenter
(C) Both of Above ✔️
(D) File

57.To clear the content of recent opening files from document folder
(A) Start >> setting >> choose taskbar and start menu ✔️
(B) Start >> program and choose clear content
(C) Both of above
(D) None of above

58.To change the screen saver you can go from
(A) Control panel display
(B) Right click in desktop and properties
(C) Both of Above ✔️
(D) None of these

59.You can load character map by
(A) Program >> accessories >> system tools >> character map ✔️
(B) Program >> Microsoft >> System tools >> character map
(C) Both of above
(D) None of above

60.By using RD command, directory with files can be removed or not
(A) Removed
(B) Not Removed ✔️
(C) Both A and B
(D) None of above

61.The ….is a temporary storage area in memory where you can attach text or graphics information
(A) Clipboard ✔️
(B) Copyboard
(C) Both A and B
(D) None of above

62.You can add or remove program
(A) Add/Remove Program from Control Panel ✔️
(B) Delete the shortcut icon from desktop
(C) Both a and b
(D) None of above

63.An embedded object might appear in a document as
(A) Embedding ✔️
(B) Linking
(C) Both
(D) None of above

64.In which type of the following OS, the response time is very crucial.
(A) Network Operating System
(B) Real Time Operating System ✔️
(C) Batch Operating System
(D) Unix Operating System

65.Another term for hyperlink is
(A) Link ✔️
(B) Source
(C) Bar
(D) None of above

66.Which file extension suggests that the file in a backup copy of files?
(C) BAK ✔️

67.When a computer is first turned on or restarted, a special type of absolute loader called
(A) Compile and go loader
(B) Boot loader
(C) Bootstrap Loader ✔️
(D) Relating loader

68.What should be the first step while OS upgrading?
(A) Delete old Operating System
(B) Backup old Operating System
(C) Backup Critical Data ✔️
(D) Format Hard Disks

69.Which program would you use to create copies of important information stored on your fixed disk drive?
(A) Scan disk
(B) Copy disk
(C) Back up ✔️
(D) None of above

70.DOS uses a special batch file named?
(A) Autoexec.bat ✔️
(B) Autoexe.bat
(C) Autoexecute.bat
(D) Auto.bat

71.Which of the following is not an advantage of open source operating system over proprietary version?
(A) Free to use and distribution
(B) Availability of Technical Support ✔️
(C) Availability of source code
(D) Ability to modify code