Operating System MCQ with Answers

Operating System MCQ with Answers

1.Is most often done after fixing a problem, adding a new program or making configuration change
(A) Shut Down
(B) Restart ✔️
(C) Sleep
(D) Hibernate

2.Which of the following shutdown method is often called Warm Boot?
(A) Shut Down
(B) Restart ✔️
(C) Sleep
(D) Hibernate

3.Is a compromise mode between Shut Down and Sleep mode because it does not consume power and remembers the current state of your desktop
(A) Shut Down
(B) Restart
(C) Sleep
(D) Hibernate ✔️

4.The category of operating system that you most likely have running on your PDA computer is a …. Operating system
(A) Real time
(B) Single user, Single task ✔️
(C) Single user, multitask
(D) Multiuser, multitask

5.You should choose this mode if you don’t know how long you won’t use your computer but want to have the same desktop state when you resume
(A) Shut Down
(B) Restart
(C) Sleep
(D) Hibernate ✔️

6.Running multiple programs at the same time is called:
(A) Multitasking ✔️
(B) Foreground tasking
(C) Single tasking
(D) Symmetric

7.What do you mean by dialog box?
(A) Interactive message box
(B) Group of options
(C) Set of controls
(D) All of the Above ✔️

8.What is the meaning of “Hibernate” in Windows XP/Windows 7?
(A) Restart the Computer in safe mode
(B) Restart the Computer in hibernate mode
(C) Shutdown the Computer terminating all the running applications
(D) Shutdown the Computer without closing the running applications ✔️

9.Dial up connection allows you to
(A) Connect ISP ✔️
(B) Internet
(C) Server
(D) All of above

10.A utility that can be used to minimize the number of fragmented files and enhance the speed
(A) Disk space
(B) Defrag ✔️
(C) Scandisk
(D) Double space

11.Which is not a system tool?
(A) Folder ✔️
(B) Backup
(C) Scandisk
(D) Format

12.To change the volume label
(A) Vol
(B) Label ✔️
(C) Scandisk
(D) None

13.Which of the following is a disk compression tools?
(A) Drive Space ✔️
(B) Defragmenter
(C) Scandisk
(D) None of the above

14.How can you optimize performance of your computer?
(A) Delete unused files
(B) Defrag disk
(C) Scan for virus
(D) All of Above ✔️

15.To save your computer from viruses you will do
(A) Install antivirus Software and run it ✔️
(B) Make physical safe for the removal disk
(C) Scan the removable disk before using it
(D) All of the above

16.Recently used application file list appears in the Windows operating system
(A) Setting menu
(B) Documents menu ✔️
(C) Run dialog box
(D) Programs menu

(A) Checks the disk
(B) Give information about disk
(C) Run from DOS mode
(D) All of the Above ✔️

18.Batch file is used to
(A) Run program
(B) Show the contents
(C) Run Commands Automatically ✔️
(D) All of above

19.The title bar always displays on
(A) Top of the Open Windows ✔️
(B) Left side of the open window
(C) Right side of the open window
(D) All of above

20.Are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices, such as your car or electric thermostat
(A) Server
(B) Embedded Computer ✔️
(C) Robotic computer
(D) Mainframes

21.Which of the following file menu option saves document to disk?
(A) Save ✔️
(B) Create
(C) Rename
(D) All of above

22.RD command are used to
(A) Remove an empty directory ✔️
(B) Remove non empty directory
(C) Remove directory including files
(D) None of the above

23.Which of the following is used to display the content of a certain drive or folder?
(A) Click the drive or folder while holding down the Alt key
(B) Triple click the drive or folder
(C) Right click the drive or folder
(D) Double Click the Drive or Folder ✔️

24.When you open my computer on desktop you see the information of
(A) Hard disk
(B) CD
(C) Removable disk
(D) All of the Above ✔️

25.We can start the application from?
(A) Log off
(B) Network place
(C) Recycle bin
(D) Run

26.Which of the following are not process states?
(A) New
(B) Running
(C) Ready
(D) Finished ✔️

27.What do you type at the DOS command prompt to return back to Windows
(A) Command
(B) Exit ✔️
(C) Quit
(D) Return

28.CAD software is most likely to be used by
(A) Web designer
(B) Engineers ✔️
(C) Project Manager
(D) Magazine Editor

29.Is an intermediate storage for deleted files
(A) My computer
(B) My documents
(C) Recycle bin ✔️
(D) None of above

30.A spooler is a
(A) Location in memory that maintains the contents of documents until it prints out
(B) Queue of print job that are waiting to print
(C) Program that coordinates the print job that are waiting to process ✔️
(D) Message sent from the printer to the operating system when a print job is completed

31.User action such as keystroke or mouse click are referred to as
(A) Interrupt
(B) Tasks
(C) Processes
(D) Event ✔️

32.The problem with file is that they slow your Computer’s operation
(A) Fragmented ✔️
(B) Formatted
(C) Program
(D) All of above

33.Which is not internal command?
(A) Doskey
(B) Verify
(C) Print
(D) Find ✔️

34.To delete a file without allowing it to store in recycle bin
(A) Press Delete key
(B) Press Shift + Delete key ✔️
(C) Press Ctrl + Delete key
(D) Press Alt + Delete key

35.What is the method of handling deadlocks?
(A) Use a protocol to ensure that the system will never enter a deadlock state.
(B) Allow the system to enter the deadlock state and then recover.
(C) Pretend that deadlocks never occur in the system.
(D) All of the Above ✔️

36.Operating system is a
(A) System Software ✔️
(B) Application software
(C) Presentation software
(D) Database software

37.Which of the following separates primary file and extension is
(A) Dot
(B) Period
(C) Point
(D) All of the Above ✔️

38.To display a shortcut menu for an object you use
(A) Click the object
(B) Right click the object ✔️
(C) Point the object and press Ctrl+P
(D) Touch the object on the screen with your finger

39.In Microsoft windows, the graphical pattern on the desktop used as background for windows is
(A) Icons
(B) Wall Paper ✔️
(C) Picture
(D) Background

40.Which of the following is not an operating system?
(A) CP/M
(B) Unix
(C) Pascal ✔️

41.All of the following are task performed by the operating system except
(A) Managing hardware on the computer
(B) Controlling the access that application program has to the CPU
(C) Performing housekeeping task like file compression and disk defragmentation ✔️
(D) Provides an interface for user to interact with computer

42.Underlined character on the menu or dialog box known as
(A) Hot spot
(B) Hot key ✔️
(C) Pane
(D) Underline word

43.The chunks of a memory are known as
(A) Sector
(B) Offset
(C) Page
(D) Frame ✔️

44.Which key deletes text before, or to the left, of the insertion point?
(A) Page Up
(B) Delete
(C) Page Down
(D) Backspace ✔️

45.Start/restart the computer is called
(A) Exit
(B) Run
(C) Option
(D) Boot ✔️

46.Which of the following is an example of utility?
(A) Antivirus ✔️
(B) Word
(C) Operating system
(D) Data recovery

47.Which file is transferred when computer is start up?
(A) Document
(B) Program files
(C) Operating system
(D) System files ✔️

48.Which is built directly on the hardware?
(A) Computer Environment
(B) Application Software
(C) Operating System ✔️
(D) Database System

49.The purpose of run command in start menu is to
(A) Launch internet browser
(B) Open internet explorer
(C) Open windows explorer
(D) Start Programs ✔️

50.Generally quick launch toolbar is displayed on
(A) The left side of Taskbar ✔️
(B) The right side of taskbar
(C) On the middle of taskbar
(D) A bar out of taskbar

51.You can select My Computer icon and press Alt + Enter to
(A) Delete it from desktop permanently
(B) Open it in Explorer mode
(C) Open System Properties dialog box ✔️
(D) Pin it on Start menu

52.Which is not a valid file system?
(A) FAT 16
(B) FAT 32
(D) FXZ ✔️

53.Which file system Windows 95 typically use?
(A) FAT 16
(B) FAT 32 ✔️

54.Which file system DOS typically use?
(A) FAT 16 ✔️
(B) FAT 32

55.Which of the following is not a mode in starting Windows?
(A) Command Prompt
(B) Safe Mode
(C) Normal Mode
(D) Turbo Mode ✔️

56.What is the full form of NTFS
(A) New Technology File System ✔️
(B) New Technical File System
(C) New Technician File System
(D) None of the above

57.Which of the following is default mode for Windows to start?
(A) Command Prompt
(B) Safe Mode
(C) Normal Mode
(D) None of Above ✔️

58.Which one of the following is not the function of Operating System?
(A) Resource Management
(B) File Management
(C) Networking ✔️
(D) Processor Management

59.The following applications may appear on system tray except
(A) System Clock
(B) Volume Control
(C) Network Connection
(D) MS Office Suite ✔️

60.How do you connect internet in your system?
(A) My Computer >> Dialup Networking ✔️
(B) Control Panel >> Modem
(C) Network Neighborhood
(D) None of Above

61.Which of the following is text browser?
(A) Lynx ✔️
(B) Hot Java
(C) Netscape
(D) Internet Explorer

62.By default we can save the file in
(A) Desktop
(B) Recycle bin
(C) My document ✔️
(D) My computer

63.Which of the following is default location of saving and opening file?
(A) Desktop
(B) My computer
(C) My Documents ✔️
(D) All of above

64.Is the operating systems File and folder Manager
(A) Windows Explorer ✔️
(B) Windows Control Panel
(C) My Computer
(D) My Documents

65.The OS used to operate the mobile phone is a
(A) Smart card OS
(B) Embedded OS ✔️
(C) Multiuser OS
(D) None of above

66.It is used to explorer the contents of computer, drives as well as manage files
(A) Network
(B) My Document ✔️
(C) My Computer
(D) My Network Place

67.UNIX operating system is a(n)
(A) Time sharing operating system
(B) Multi-user operating system
(C) Multi-tasking operating system
(D) All of the Above ✔️

68.The ability of an operating system to control the activities of multiple program at the same time is called
(A) Multitasking ✔️
(B) Multiprocessing
(C) Multioperating
(D) Multipaging

69.Unix Operating System is an
(A) Multi User Operating System
(B) Time Sharing Operating System
(C) Multi Tasking Operating System
(D) All the Above ✔️

70.Is used in operating system to separate mechanism from policy
(A) Single level implementation
(B) Two level implementation ✔️
(C) Multi level implementation
(D) None

71.Which Operating System doesn’t support long file names?
(A) OS/2
(B) Windows 95
(C) MS-DOS ✔️
(D) Windows NT

72.Essential files of MS DOS are
(A) Command.com
(D) All of Above ✔️

73.What is the function of folder?
(A) Save files
(B) Delete files
(C) Move files
(D) All of the Above ✔️

74.Which button might you find in a windows title bar?
(A) Close button
(B) Maximize button
(C) Minimize button
(D) All of the Above ✔️

75.Which command is used to open the directory?
(A) Open
(B) Chdir ✔️
(C) Move
(D) All of above

76.Press the ….button to have the window fill the entire screen
(A) Close
(B) Maximize
(C) Minimize ✔️
(D) None of the above

77.Are list of commands that appear on the screen
(B) Icons
(C) Menus ✔️
(D) Windows

78.The box on …. that allows you to choose where to go and is located below the standard toolbar
(A) System menu
(B) Address bar ✔️
(C) Menu bar
(D) None of these

79.Which windows features can be accessed from the start menu?
(A) Help
(B) Windows Explorer
(C) Microsoft Network
(D) All of Above ✔️

80.A …. is a set of computer instructions that carry out a task on the computer
(A) Program ✔️
(B) Database
(C) Memory files
(D) None of the above

81.To make file in MS DOS we need command
(A) Copy
(B) Copy Con ✔️
(C) MD
(D) Make File

82.Which command is used to copy system files?
(A) SYS ✔️
(B) Command
(C) MD
(D) Move

83.A program in execution is called
(A) A Paging ✔️
(B) A Process
(C) A virtual memory
(D) A Demand Page

84.A flashing or blinking light on the screen is called
(A) An Icon
(B) A Pixel
(C) A Cursor ✔️
(D) None of the above

85.Using windows explorer, a plus (+) sign in front of a folder indicates
(A) An open folder
(B) The Folder Contains Subfolder ✔️
(C) A text file
(D) A graphic file

86.Label name can be up to
(A) 10 character
(B) 63 character
(C) 11 Character ✔️
(D) All of above

87.What is the default file extension created by notepad?
(A) .doc
(B) .html
(C) .txt ✔️
(D) .tif

88.Which of the following is not the user file extension?
(A) .ppt
(B) .xls
(C) .sys ✔️
(D) .#do

89.What is the extension of paint brush?
(A) .pbs
(B) .bmp ✔️
(C) .pmb
(D) None of the above

90.Which of the following is extension of WordPad?
(A) .ppt.
(B) .xls
(C) .rtf ✔️
(D) None of above

91.Which of the following is not a video file extension?
(A) .avi
(B) .wav ✔️
(C) .mpeg
(D) .mov

92.Which is not executable file?
(A) .com
(B) .exe
(C) .bat
(D) .txt ✔️

93.What is the extension of font file?
(A) .ttf ✔️
(B) .mdb
(C) .fft
(D) .txt

94.The key will launch the Start button.
(A) esc
(B) shift
(C) Windows ✔️
(D) Shortcut

95.To access properties of an object, the mouse technique to use is .
(A) Dragging
(B) Dropping
(C) Right-clicking ✔️
(D) Shift-clicking

96.The can be defined as an upside down mouse.
(A) Trackpad
(B) Trackball ✔️
(C) Trackpoint
(D) Trackwell

97.To move to the beginning of a line of text, press the key.
(A) Esc
(B) Pageup
(C) Enter
(D) Home ✔️

98.Where can you define the permanent path for DOS?
(A) Io.sys
(B) Config.sys
(C) Autoexec.bat ✔️
(D) Command.com

99.What should be the extension to execute automatically when OS is started?
(A) Command.com
(B) Any batch file
(C) Autoexec.bat ✔️
(D) Config.sys