Operating System MCQ Questions

Operating System MCQ Questions

1. An operating system is a program or a group of programs that
(A) Helps in checking the spelling of Word
(B) Maintain the relationship in Database
(C) Manages the resources of the Computer ✔️
(D) Performs the calculations of cells in Excel

2.A real time operating system is most likely to be used for which of the following task?
(A) Controlling access to a shared printer in a network
(B) Ensuring that system clock works correctly on server
(C) Managing the access to system files in laptop computers
(D) Controlling the fuel injection system of an automobile engines ✔️

3.What is the function of an operating system?
(A) Manages computer’s resources very efficiently
(B) Takes care of scheduling jobs for execution
(C) Manages the flow of data and instructions
(D) All of the Above ✔️

4.Which of the following is not an operating system?
(A) Windows 2000
(B) Linux
(C) Mac OS
(D) Notepad ✔️

5.The Primary job of the operating system is
(A) Manage Commands
(B) Manage Users
(C) Manage Programs
(D) Manage Resources ✔️

6.Scandisk analyze and repair damage to which of the following?
(A) Physical clusters
(C) Lost clusters
(D) All of the Above ✔️

7.Is a new windows feature that offers a number of methods for searching for a file or folder?
(A) Find ✔️
(B) Search
(C) Locate
(D) All of the above

8.Find can be used to
(A) Locate a program
(B) Locate a document
(C) Locate a network computer
(D) All of Above ✔️

9.The ….command is used to open windows based application directly from DOS prompt
(A) Run
(B) Start ✔️
(C) Load
(D) Execute

10.A ….is a pointing device
(A) Monitor
(B) Mouse ✔️
(C) Keyboard
(D) None of these

11.When we double click on my computer
(A) Show the content of your saved files
(B) Show the list of your computer drive ✔️
(C) List of deleted files and folders
(D) All of the above

12.Which of the following is the part of the operating system?
(A) Cell
(C) Kernel ✔️
(D) Disk

13.What are the benefits of network?
(A) To share hardware components
(B) To share information and share software
(C) It reduces cost
(D) All of Above ✔️

14.Directory is similar to ….
(A) File
(B) Folder ✔️
(C) Item
(D) None of above

15.Sleep is a good mode to use because
(A) It saves power which in turn is saving money ✔️
(B) It makes computer fresh after it wakes up
(C) It consumes low battery when you start it again
(D) All of above

16.The operating feature that integrates the file created in different application into WebPages
(A) Web Integration ✔️
(B) Internet integration
(C) Intranet integration
(D) Hypertext integration

17.What hole will allocates in “Worst-Fit” algorithm of memory management?
(A) It allocates the smaller hole than required memory hole
(B) It allocates the smallest hole from the available memory holes
(C) It allocates the largest hole from the available memory holes ✔️
(D) It allocates the exact same size memory hole

18.BIOS is used by
(A) Operating System ✔️
(B) Compiler
(C) Interpreter
(D) Application software

19.Which icon would you access in the printer window to install a printer drive?
(A) Add Printer Wizard ✔️
(B) Setup
(C) Install
(D) None of above

20.Commonly network of network is called
(A) MS Word
(B) MS Excel
(C) Internet ✔️
(D) MS Access

21.Which of the following is the allocation method of a disk space?
(A) Contiguous allocation
(B) Linked allocation
(C) Indexed allocation
(D) All of the Above ✔️

22.When you cut or copy the text or picture, it stores temporarily in the
(A) File
(B) Clipboard ✔️
(C) Icon
(D) All of above

23.You can set the width taskbar area and different components in it
(A) By right click and set width menu
(B) If the taskbar is not yet locked ✔️
(C) If the applications are not opened
(D) If other toolbars are not enabled

24.A tiny dot of light on the monitor is called
(A) Silicon chip
(B) Optical illusion
(C) Icon
(D) Pixel ✔️

25.Who is called a supervisor of computer activity?
(A) Memory
(B) Operating System ✔️
(C) I/O Devices
(D) Control Unit

26.To send email, we use
(A) MS Excel
(B) Outlook Explorer ✔️
(D) Netscape Navigator

27.Operating System manages
(A) Memory
(B) Processor
(C) I/O devices
(D) All of the Above ✔️

28.Which of the following concept is best to preventing page faults?
(A) Paging ✔️
(B) The working set
(C) Hit ratios
(D) Address location resolution

29.Internal commands are
(A) Incorporated in the COMMAND.COM ✔️
(B) Incorporate in the command directory
(C) Have external files
(D) All of the above

30.Poor response time are usually caused by
(A) Process busy
(B) High I/I rates
(C) High paging rate
(D) Any of the Above ✔️

31.Where will store data first time when you copy
(A) Clipboard ✔️
(B) Clipbook
(C) Hard disk
(D) CD

32.Which is not a valid property for attribute setting?
(A) C ✔️
(B) S
(C) H
(D) R

33.If you are typing paragraph that is double line spaced and press enter to start new paragraph, the new paragraph will be
(A) Quarter space
(B) Single space
(C) Half space
(D) Double Space ✔️

34.GUI means
(A) Graphic user interface
(B) Geographic user interface
(C) Graphical User Interface ✔️
(D) Geometric user interface

35.CHKDSK command
(A) Check the disk
(B) Dos command
(C) Give information about disk
(D) All of the Above ✔️

36.Use of icons and windows are characteristics of …… interface
(A) Command driven
(B) Windows orientated
(C) Graphical User ✔️
(D) Menu driven

37.Windows can run
(A) One application only
(B) Two applications only
(C) Four applications only
(D) All of Above ✔️

38.A whole document can be formatted using the commands on the
(A) File menu
(B) Help menu
(C) Format Menu ✔️
(D) Tools menu

39.Format A:/s will do
(A) Formats and then transfers system file ✔️
(B) Formats with verification
(C) Formats and scans the disk
(D) None of above

40.What does FAT stands for?
(A) File attribute type
(B) File Allocation Table ✔️
(C) Format All Tabs settings
(D) File for all type

41.Fonts install from
(A) Add from Control Panel ✔️
(B) Font setup file
(C) Font.exe file
(D) All of above

42.Which command allows you to create a root directory?
(A) MD ✔️
(B) Deltree
(C) Format
(D) All of above

43.Which is not concerned with control panel?
(A) Printer
(B) Run Application ✔️
(C) Font
(D) Keyboard

44.MKDIR is similar to
(A) MD ✔️
(B) File
(C) Folder
(D) Table

45.Unicode standard is
(A) Keyboard layout
(B) Software
(C) Font
(D) Character Encoding System ✔️

46.A …is a windows component that is designed to store other components so these can be organized efficiently?
(A) Document
(B) Window
(C) Folder ✔️
(D) All of above

47.You can switch from one program to another by clicking within the desired program’s icon from the
(A) Application icon on desktop
(B) Application Icon from Taskbar ✔️
(C) Folder
(D) None of above

48.You can switch from one program to another on the desktop by clicking within the desired program’s window or by clicking on its ….button
(A) Icon
(B) Taskbar button ✔️
(C) Folder
(D) None of above

49.Virtual memory typically located on
(C) Flash card
(D) Hard Drive ✔️

50.Tree structure displays the
(A) File only
(B) Directory only
(C) File and directory name ✔️
(D) None of above

51.What is contained in the page table?
(A) Base address of each frame and corresponding page number ✔️
(B) Memory address and corresponding page number
(C) File name and corresponding page number
(D) None of Above

52.Windows 2000 server uses the
(A) FAT 16
(B) NTFS ✔️
(C) FAT 64
(D) FAT 32

53.First-in-First-Out (FIFO) scheduling is
(A) Non Preemptive Scheduling ✔️
(B) Preemptive Scheduling
(C) Fair Share Scheduling
(D) Deadline Scheduling

54.Which command will divide the surface of the blank floppy disk into sector and assign a unique address to each one?
(A) Ver
(B) Format ✔️

55.Which one of the following key is used to refresh the active window?
(A) F7
(B) F8
(C) F9
(D) F5 ✔️

56.Which of the following command is used to move the pointer from one pane to next pane?
(A) F3
(B) F4
(C) F5
(D) F6 ✔️

57.A character that represents one or more unknown character is
(A) Wildcard Character ✔️
(B) All file name
(C) Extensions
(D) None of above

58.In a folder, which of the following command is used to rename the file or folder
(A) F3
(B) F4
(C) F2 ✔️
(D) F7

59.Which of the following file format supports in Windows 7?
(A) NTFS ✔️
(D) All of the above

60.Multi programming systems …
(A) Are easier to develop than single programming system
(B) Execute each job faster
(C) Execute more jobs in the same time period ✔️
(D) Are used only by large mainframe computer

61.Anything you cut or copy on to the clipboard remains there until you
(A) Change it
(B) Clear
(C) Exit windows
(D) All of the above

62.When you press and release the secondary mouse button you are ….
(A) Right Clicking ✔️
(B) Left clicking
(C) Either A or B
(D) None of above

63.To print documents from Windows
(A) File >> Print
(B) Drag the document icon over your printer’s icon
(C) Edit print
(D) Both A and B ✔️

64.Netscape navigator is a
(A) Browser ✔️
(B) Compose
(C) Editor
(D) None of these

65.Which of the following appear in Windows menu bar?
(A) Help
(B) File
(C) Edit
(D) All of Above ✔️

66.When you quickly press and release the left mouse button twice you are
(A) Primary clicking
(B) Pointing
(C) Double clicking
(D) Secondary Clicking ✔️

67.The operating system allows the user to organize the computer’s contents in a hierarchical structure of directories that include all of the following except:
(A) Files
(B) Folders
(C) Drives
(D) System ✔️

68.Which operating system uses short file names?
(A) Windows
(B) Unix
(C) DOS ✔️
(D) All of above

69.Bringing a page into memory only when it is needed, this mechanism is called
(A) Deadlock
(B) Page Fault
(C) Dormant Paging
(D) Demand Paging ✔️

70.The component of Widows that lets you to transfer contents from one document to another
(A) Briefcase
(B) Clipboard ✔️
(C) Document
(D) Boot

71.It is the default folder for many Windows Applications to save your file
(A) My Document ✔️
(B) My Pictures
(C) Documents and Settings
(D) My Computer

72.What do you mean by Memory Compaction?
(A) Combine multiple equal memory holes into one big hole
(B) Combine multiple small memory holes into one big hole ✔️
(C) Divide big memory hole into small holes
(D) Divide memory hole by 2

73.You need to duplicate the entire disk which command will you use?
(A) Copy
(B) Move
(C) Diskcopy ✔️
(D) All of above

74.DOS stand for
(A) Dummy operating system
(B) DOS operating system
(C) Dirty operating system
(D) Disk Operating System ✔️

75.Which of the following is not a system tool?
(A) Scandisk
(B) Drive space
(C) Disk defragmenter
(D) Doskey

76.Which of the following statement about directories is false?
(A) Directories can exist inside directories
(B) The root directory is always at the highest level
(C) Directories cannot be renamed ✔️
(D) Directories can be deleted

77.Which command will be used to display only the file name and extensions in wide format?
(A) Dir/b
(B) Dir A:
(C) Dir/s
(D) Dir/w ✔️

78.Which command permits to see the directory structure in DOS?
(A) Display structure
(B) Tree ✔️
(C) Dir/all
(D) All of above

79.Which command displays only directory?
(A) Dir/aa
(B) Dir/od
(C) Dir/directory
(D) Dir/ad ✔️

80.To display hidden files
(A) Dir/hidden
(B) Attrib/ah
(C) Dir/ah ✔️
(D) None of above

81.The command refreshes the screen and places the cursor at the top left corner of screen
(A) CLS ✔️
(B) Clear
(C) Dir

82.The command used to display all files (.exe) from the system
(A) Dir *.exe
(B) Dir *.exe/s ✔️
(C) Dir *.exe/all
(D) None of above

83.Which command will you use to display the system date?
(A) Date ✔️
(B) Ver
(C) Dir
(D) Format

84.The ….can be defined as the entire windows display and can be envisioned as the electronic equivalent of your own desk’s surface
(A) Desktop ✔️
(B) Windows
(C) Dialog box
(D) None of above

85.Which command is used to provide access to program located in other directory or disk?
(A) Tree
(B) Path
(C) Dir
(D) CD ✔️

86.In PC from where you will connect internet?
(A) Tools
(B) Network neighborhood
(C) Dial up Network ✔️
(D) None of the above

87.Copying a process from memory to disk to allow space for other processes is Called
(A) Swapping ✔️
(B) Deadlock
(C) Demand Paging
(D) Page Fault

(A) Works best with many small partitions
(B) Allows many programs to use memory simultaneously
(C) Allows each program in turn to use the memory ✔️
(D) Does not work with overlaying

89.Which of the following is not a part of the control panel?
(A) Date and time
(B) My Documents ✔️
(C) Add or remove program
(D) Display

90.The windows feature is the ability of computer to automatically configure a new hardware component is that
(A) Auto detect
(B) Plug and Play ✔️
(C) Add remove hardware
(D) None of above

91.The ….provides information about hardware installation, configuration and hardware status
(A) Device Manager ✔️
(B) Control panel
(C) Add new hardware
(D) Program manager

92.Which of the following is a correct association between a vendor and an operating system
(A) Redhat Linux ✔️
(B) Microsoft Unix
(C) AT & T DOS
(D) Novell Linux

93.Which of the following is a program group?
(A) Word pad
(B) Paint brush
(C) Accessories ✔️
(D) None of the above

94.Controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by which users can interact with the computer
(A) The platform
(B) The Operating System ✔️
(C) Application software
(D) The motherboard

95.The virtual memory is
(A) An extremely large main memory
(B) An extremely large secondary memory
(C) An illusion of extremely large main memory ✔️
(D) A type of memory used in super computer

96.Internet Explorer is
(A) An Internet browser
(B) Provided by Windows OS
(C) An access point for Word Wide Web
(D) All of Above ✔️

97.Which one of the following is not a layer of operating system?
(A) Kernel
(B) Shell
(C) Application program
(D) Critical Selection ✔️

98.Which of the following command is used to close the active window?
(A) Ctrl+F4 ✔️
(B) Ctrl+F5
(C) Alt+F6
(D) None of above

99.The shortcut key is used to open properties window of selected item is
(A) Ctrl+Enter
(B) Shift+Enter
(C) Alt+Enter ✔️
(D) None of above

100.The shortcut key to open a task manager is:
(A) Alt + F1
(B) Alt + Ctrl + Delete ✔️
(C) Alt + Tab
(D) F1